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How to Fix: OBS Encoding Overloaded

By Jennifer Mario

June 06, 2020

"Encoding overloaded! Consider turning down video settings or using a faster encoding preset".

You may meet with various errors when recording on OBS, and there are 2 frequently but annoying problems. The first one is black screen when window capturing and the second one is encoding overloaded. But in this post, we are going to help you fix the latter. Since encoding video in OBS studio takes up lots of CPU usages, you may encounter this encoding overloaded error when your computer fail to operate your current recording video settings. Annoying, right?

Don't worry, we would like to share you with 4 methods to help you fix OBS encoding overloaded. Get this post to help you to fix your problem.


Method 1. Downscale Output Resolution


The higher the resolution you set, the larger the CPU usage is required to encode videos, especially when you record your screen in real time. Therefore, you need to downscale the OBS output resolution to the threshold that your device can handle.


Step 1. Click on "Settings" at the bottom right of the OBS main interface.

OBS Main

Step 2. Go to "Video" where you can set your resolution. The "Base (Canvas) Resolution" is the screen resolution while the "Output (Scaled) Resolution" is your video resolution. In this case, lower the Output Resolution by a level or two to reduce CPU load.

OBS Output Resolution Setting

Step 3. Click "OK" and exit the program. Restart your computer and launch OBS to see if the error message is gone.

Method 2. Lower Frame Rate


If you capture frames at a higher frequency, then your GPU might not be able to render the game, causing lags in videos. Lowering the FPS (frames per second) can save precious CPU resources and make your video recording smoother.


Step 1. Go to "Settings" > "Video" > "Common FPS Values". Normally we will set to 30 or less for FPS value. Generally speaking, lowering your FPS to 30 or below won't change your video quality significantly.

Common FPS Values

Step 2. Again, click "OK" and exit OBS. Restart your computer and the software to see if the error is fixed.

Method 3. Reconfigure the Encoder Pre-set


By default, OBS uses x264 video encoder which has several CPU usage presets, ranging from "ultrafast" to "placebo". The faster the encoder runs, the less resources it takes. You can use a faster preset such that the encoder occupies less resources while running.


Step 1. Go to "Settings" > "Output", check the box of "Enable Advanced Encoder Settings"

Enable Advanced Encoder Settings

Step 2. There are various encoder presets to choose from. You may select a faster preset to cut down the resources that the encoder takes.

OBS Encoder Preset

Step 3. Click "OK" to exit the program. Restart your device and open OBS to see if the issue is solved.

Method 4. Use TuneFab Screen Recorder to Record as an Alternative Solution


If the problem still doesn't go away after trying above-mentioned methods, then you may need to find a best alternative for OBS Studio.


The best alternative to fix OBS Encoding overload is to use some screen recorder like TuneFab Screen Recorder, which is simple to use but powerful in recording gameplay. It has a fully operational free version for you to try. With TuneFab Screen Recorder, you can access to a variety of features such as:

* Capture entire screen or selected area

* Record screen with webcam, voice over or system sound

* Save video as MOV, MP4, M4V, GIF and much more

* Set for different level of video quality and frame rate

* Schedule video recording when you are not available to start it

* Add annotations on the screen while recording

In addition to these main features, TuneFab Screen Recorder also provides other functions such as taking screenshot while recording, you can download it and give a try to enjoy more.

Step 1. Launch TuneFab Screen Recorder and Open "Video Recorder"

Launch the recorder on your PC and select "Video Recorder" in the main interface.

Screen Recorder Main

Step 2. Select Recorded Area or Window

Select the area or window that you want to record from the first module. Click "Full" to record your entire screen or click "Custom" to customize your recording area. What's more, you can decide whether to include audio or webcam by turning microphone or webcam on respectively.

Video Recorder Interface

Step 3. Set for Video Configurations

Click the Gear icon to open "Preferences" settings. Under "Output" tab, you can set the output file location, output format, quality of videos and frame rate. The video quality can be set from lowest to lossless. You can also set the frame rate to 20 fps, 24 fps, 25 fps, 30 fps or 60 fps. Click "Ok" to exit settings.

Set Output Setting

Step 4. Start Recording Videos

Simply by clicking the green "REC" button at the right to start your gameplay recording. While recording, the tool bar can be hidden. If you want to make edition to your screen, you can open the editing panel by clicking the Gear icon. Feel free to add text, arrows and shapes to your video while recording.

Edit Recording Video

Step 5. Save or Share Recorded Videos

The last step is to click "Save" to store your recorded videos on your computer. You can also share it via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc.

Record Video

With 4 methods above, it is easy for you to fix OBS encoding overloaded problem. Hope you will find the suitable one. If you have another ideas to fix this error, just let us know by leaving a comment or contacting us. If you think this article is helpful, please share it with your friends via social networks! See you next time!

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