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4 Solutions to Fix Audacity Not Recording on Windows

By Iris Holmes

September 18, 2019

"Error while opening sound devices."

Some Audacity users will run into this problem when they first record audio on Windows with Audacity, while others will be met with this error out of the reason that there are no audio input devices on their computer. Based on this problem, lots of Audacity users fail to get a powerful Audacity recording. If you encounter with such troublesome, then you can get the 4 different and useful solution to fix audacity not recording problem. Now let's start with the first and foremost solution below.


Solution 1. Set Audio Host to MME

MME, short for Multimedia Extensions, is one of the default record audio host for recording audio on Windows. If you come across the Audacity not recording problem, then you can try to set audio host to MME, which is fully compatible with various audio devices.

Step 1. Run Audacity on your computer.

Step 2. On the main interface of Audacity, click to the Download-Arrow button as the screenshot located on to set audio host as MME.

Set Audio Host

Solution 2. Check Your Windows Sound Controls

You can take the second action if your audio host has been set to MME but you still get the error and the audacity still not recording. And that is to go and check your Windows sound controls. Your sound controls are the center that you can manage your sound on your computer. In other words, you can go to Windows sound controls to disable or enable some sound services so that you can get it feasible for recording on Audacity.

Step 1. On the bottom right corner of your computer, right-click to the Sound icon to enter the Recording Devices setting page.

Step 2. Right-click to the blank place on the main interface of recording devices. The windows will appear.

Step 3. On the pop-up Windows, you can catch sight of "Show Disabled Devices" and "Show Disconnected Devices". Please make sure to enable all the disabled or disconnected devices on your Windows.

Check Sound Controls

Solution 3. Enable Microphone on Privacy Settings

To some Windows 10 users, since their computer upgraded to Windows 1803, they may get Audacity working but recording without any sound. In order to fix this problem, please go and check your Privacy settings if the Microphone is enabled or not.

Step 1. On your Windows, click to Windows-shaped button and on the pop-up Windows, click to "Gear" button.

Step 2. Enter the Settings center, click to "Privacy" button and then you can see lots of setting under your Windows Privacy.

Step 3. Click to Microphone, then you can check if your Audacity is available to use your Microphone.

Enabled Microphone

If all the above solutions are failed to fix your problem, you can also try to use another recording software. And it is the fourth solution to fix the audacity not working problem. Keep reading.

Solution 4. Try Another Simple Audio Recorder

Various Audio Recorder is available on the Internet, you can try some simple, handy and feasible audio recorder to record your sound or voice. Here we recommend TuneFab Screen Recorder.

TuneFab Screen Recorder has the built-in functions of audio recording. It allows you to record the audio coming from the system or coming from your microphone to various music file formats, like MP3, WMA and more. Besides this, you can record the sound or audio to high quality. What's more, with its user-friendly main interface, you can just record audio with simple 3 steps. Now, just download the Screen Recorder and then follow the step below.

Download TuneFab Screen Recorder for Windows/ Mac Here

Step 1. Choose Audio Recorder for Recording Audio

Having downloaded the TuneFab Screen Recorder on your Windows and Mac, click to "Audio Recorder" and then you can enter the audio recording mode.

Choose Audio Recorder

Step 2. Pick Up the Output Audio File Format

Click to the "Gear" button on the main interface of Audio recorder. Pick up "Output" and then click to "Down-arrow" button to select the location of output files and audio format. When it is over, click to OK to confirm all the audio file format.

Select Audio Format and Folder

Step 3. Click to REC to Record Audio

Now, just click to "REC" and then you can record audio from your computer or your microphone. With 3 seconds count down, enjoy your audio recording at ease.

Record Audio

When it is over, just click to "Save" button to save your recording. Also, you can pre-listen to the recording to check if it is fully recorded.

Save Recorded Audio

With the 4 solutions above, hope you can enjoy the audio recording without any limitation and your question about Audactiy not recording problem can be solved at ease. If you have met any question when recording with TuneFab Screen Recorder, just let us know. That's it! Enjoy your recording freely.

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