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How to Download YouTube Videos to Your Computer in 4 Ways

By Zoe Clarke

March 26, 2018

YouTube hosts all types of videos including movies, tutorials, clips, news, viral videos, comedy and more. It is world's biggest video sharing website which allows users to watch, share, rate, upload their favorite videos while downloading videos is not included in the options for users. Some people like you may have not enough time to watch a long YouTube video online, hence you will look for a way to download the video for playing offline. Or if you want to burn YouTube video to a DVD, then how can you save a YouTube video to your computer? Never mind, 4 easy methods are offered for your reference in this article. Check out and select the one that suits your taste.


Method 1. Save YouTube Videos via TuneFab Screen Recorder

TuneFab Screen Recorder can save live YouTube videos so that you don't need to buy or download a bunch of videos from other sources. With it, you can record and save live-streaming YouTube videos even when you are not in front of the computer at some moment. All in all, it is a professional screen-capturing tool that many people pay tribute to it. It has outstanding features like:

*Record any online videos, video conference, Skype chat without limitation;

*Games process recording for sharing;

*Make video tutorials easily;

*Available on Windows & Mac;

*Take screenshots with custom hotkeys;

*Various options for output formats.

The step-by-step guide to recording YouTube video:

Step 1. Download and Install TuneFab Screen Recorder

Download screen recorder to your computer and install it correctly. Then launch the software on PC.

Step 2. Find the YouTube Video That You Want to Record

Go to YouTube website, open a video that you want to record, then stop playing the video and move to the next steps.

Step 3. Choose Recording Area on Your Computer

Click "Video Recorder", then you can click on "V" button to choose "Full screen" or "Custom" and other recording areas type to custom the recording area as you like. Since you are going to record video, you need to turn on "System Audio" and do not turn on "Microphone" for preventing adding noise to the recorded video.

Screen Display Settings

Step 4. Choose Output Folder of Video and Screenshot

To designate another output path, click the More settings button, and go to "Output".

General Output Settings

Step 5. Reset Hotkeys

For easier taking control of the recording work, you can set the hotkeys to start/stop recording, pause/resume recording and take a screenshot of "Hotkeys".

Change Shortcuts

Step 6. Record YouTube Video

Play the YouTube video that you've opened, then press the button "REC" to start recording. Once the recording pauses, click "Save" in the lower right corner to save the video file.

Preview Recorded Video

Until now, you've got a YouTube video with TuneFab Screen Recorder. If you want to save more videos on your computer, just repeat the above steps to complete.

Method 2. Download YouTube Videos with KeepVid Alternative

VidPaw - The Best KeepVid Alternative

There are numerous online tools for downloading YouTube videos. If you don't like installing too much software on your computer. You can use VidPaw, which is a totally free and safe online video downloader to save your favorite YouTube videos.

1. Open YouTube website in your browser.

2. Play a video that you want to download.

3. Copy the URL of that video. Paste it to "VidPaw".

4. Select video with the suitable formats and quality. Click "Download" and then YouTube video will automatically start downloading.


These two approaches will reduce the burden when your computer can't support installing more software.

Method 3. Save YouTube Videos with YouTube Live Streaming

Most of the people know less about YouTube Live Streaming which is a powerful built-in capability. If you want a video for your YouTube channel or any other social media platform, then YouTube Live Streaming is enough to handle. It is a little complicated and your attention.

Step 1. Go to the website, sign into your account.

Step 2. Click "Upload" and "Get Started" under Live Streaming.

Step 3. Choose "Events" > "Enable live streaming".

YouTube Enable Live Streaming to Record Video

Step 4. Fill out the required information, and click "Go Live Now".

Step 5. A Google Hangouts page will open, and on the left, you should see a button that says "Screenshare". Select it, choose a desktop window for recording.

Step 6. Click "Start Screenshare" to begin recording.

Step 7. Once finished, select "Stop Broadcast" and save your Event as you wish.

Method 4. Keep YouTube Videos Through Firefox Plug-in

As one of the widely-used browsers, Firefox provides plugs-in like YouTube Video Downloader plug-in for users. With it added to your Firefox browser, you can successfully save YouTube video to the computer at any time.

First, click the menu button of three horizontal parallels on the top right corner, click "Add-ons" and search the Firefox plug-in, YouTube Video Downloader - For Context Menu in the searching bar > click "Add to Firefox" to install this utility.

Second, find a video on YouTube and let it play. Right-click the link to find "Download Videos". Wait seconds for this plug-in to analyze the source video, then click the link to choose a format to save YouTube video.

Firefox Plug-in YouTube video downloader

This method is more complicated than the first three methods, but having this method in hand you can have more choices to save YouTube video.

All the above methods are useful and you can give them a try, then make a decision by yourself. However, if it's hard for you to choose, I certainly recommend TuneFab Screen Recorder, FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate and VidPaw because they have more functions waiting for you to explore. Possess both of them, you will get more fun enjoying YouTube videos.

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