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Ultimate Guide: Download Ustream Videos with These 3 Ways

By Tony Moton

June 07, 2018

Ustream is one of the most popular live streaming video websites providing you with all kinds of videos. It is quite good for us to watch Ustream videos online. However, have you ever thought that what if we cannot go online when we are taking metro to work? Without internet connection, we can not watch Ustream videos any more. Therefore, that is why I am going to teach you how to download Ustream videos to your computer so that you can watch them offline anytime and anywhere. Want to know how to make it? Just keep reading.


Part 1. Easy Method - Record Ustream Videos

TuneFab Screen Recorder, a program specializes in capturing videos and recording audios. With it, every activity on the screen will be recorded and made into videos of high definition. Except for recording online Ustream videos, it can also record gameplay videos, webcam videos or tutorial videos, etc. Screenshot is also allowed. Now, let's get to know how to use this recorder.

Step 1. Download, Install and Launch the Recorder

It's free to download a trial version TuneFab Screen Recorder. With the free trial version, you can only save 3 minutes of each recording. To get its complete functions,  you need to purchase and register the software with activation code. After downloading and launching the software, you will get the interface as below.  Click on "Video Recorder" and go on. 

Record Video And Audio

Step 2. Input Settings

If you want to record video withou sound, then make sure that you've enable "System Sound" for recording Ustream video sounds. Click "Microphone" to turn it off to avoid recording unnecessary noises, which will make your Ustream video recording sounds clearer.

Record Video And Audio

Step 3. Recording Area Selection

It allows you to select recording area from the DISPLAY1 section. If you want to record the full screen, just click "Full screen". If not, click "Custom" to choose your a fixed screen size or  select one certain area by yourself.

Recording Area Selection

Step 4. Output Settings

Press the "Settings" button then click "Preferences" and "Output" to choose an output folder. You can also adjust quality, video code, or frame rate by clicking "Settings".

Choose Output Video Format

Step 5. Record and Preview the Video

Once you have prepared an Ustream video, click the "REC" button and play your video after a 3-second-countdown ends. When the video ends, you can preview the recording. Then click "Save" to store your recorded video.

Preview Recorded Video

Follow the steps above one by one, you will easily succeed in recording your favorite videos on Ustream. What's more, if you happen to be busy at the moment the live Ustream show plays, do not worry and you just need to set a time limit, then the program will help you finish the job. Convenient, right? Download one to have free experience!

Part 2. Direct Method - Download Ustream Videos

iTube Studio is an user-friendly software though it is simply designed. It allows you to download videos from over 10,000 video sharing sites, including Ustream. With this software, all you need to do is to copy the URL of the Ustream video and then paste it to iTube Studio. It will start searching the video and downloading it.

However, you must pay attention to its not working errors. Sometimes, when you have already pasted the URL and waited for a long time but only to see "Failed Download", "Cannot Connect To URL" or "404 Error". You may get irritated by these errors.

Paste URL

Part 3. Online Method - Grab Ustream Videos on Website

Video Grabby is an online plug-in allowing you to search Ustream video's URL and then paste it into its search bar for grabbing the videos. Once the link is found, click "Go" and it will automatically download the video. The whole process is finished online. Video Grabby is really a helpful online Ustream videos grabber.

However, limitations exist when you are using it.

1. Download speed is a bit slow

2. Videos cannot be downloaded in bulk

3. Only support MP4 format

Interface of Video Grabby

Three ways on how to download Ustream videos by means of a recorder, TuneFab Screen Recorder, a downloader, iTube Studio and a grabber, Video Grabby are recommended to you. Sometimes, iTube Studio doesn't work as we expect and Video Grabby only supports MP4 format with a slow download speed. In contrast, such limitations will not happen by using TuneFab Screen Recorder. It is stable and multifunctional. Absolutely, you are free to try any one of them.

Part 4. Tips: How to Use Ustream to Drive Business for Your Brand

Given that Ustream is getting popular and many people want to figure out how to download Ustream videos. Therefore, with such a huge number of audience, Ustream can be a good platform to drive business. So, I intend to give you some tips on how to use Ustream to promote business brand to end this article.

1. Give live Product Demo

In today's society, mobile phones are widely used. Therefore, making the mobile live streaming video is a good choice for you to publish any product using video instruction. With Ustream, not only can you live streaming product demos, but also you are able to interact with your viewers. They are free to ask questions and then you answer them. This way will help you improve public awareness of your product.

2. Email List Building

You can ask viewers to leave their email addresses in comments section so that you can build your email marketing list. However, this would only happen basing on you have released great comment on Ustream. Keep putting out great contents and viewers will be willing to give you their email addresses.

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