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Ultimate Ways to Download Tumblr Video & Audio

By Tony Moton

April 26, 2019

Tumblr is a visual-oriented microblogging website that has a great number of users blogging on them. People can post text, photos, quotes, links, chats, audios and videos with ease. If you found a precious wonderful audio on Tumblr and find no way to download it on your computer, this article will be what you are looking for. Just read on and see how to download Tumblr videos & audio for viewing offline.

Tumblr Post Type


Part 1. What is Tumblr

Tumblr is a free microblogging platform and social networking site that attracted a growing number of casual bloggers who prefer a post their blog in a more social media way. The website was found by David Karp in 2007 and owned by Oath Inc. Tumblr users prefer posting multimedia contents like videos, audios, songs, gifs, slideshows and more. Posting visual contents are quick and simple and will boost more audience to their blog.

Tumblr Interface

The visual-oriented blogging website is an enclosed platform that caters towards building a social media community. What to do when we found some wonderful songs or videos and would like to download it on your computer? If you've used Tumblr before, you will know that there's no download or save button there. Just check the following parts to see how.

Part 2. How to Download Tumblr Videos

Even though there is no direct button on Tumblr for you to download videos, there are dozens of different ways to download Tumblr videos to computers. Let's check them one by one.

1. Download Tumblr Videos with TuneFab Screen Recorder

TuneFab Screen Recorder is a software that enables you to record videos or screen with sound on any websites, including online lecture, video tutorials, webcam videos, online meetings, game records and of course, Tumblr videos.

Step 1. Download and Install TuneFab Screen Recorder

Download and install TuneFab Screen Recorder on your computer. Then you will see the interface as below.

TuneFab Screen Recorder Main Interface

Step 2. Select "Video Recorder" to Record Tumblr Videos

In the main interface, you will have 4 options: Video Recorder, Audio Recorder, Snapshot and more. To record videos, choose "Video Recorder" and in the next interface, there are 4 more options for you.

Video Recorder Record Videos

#1. Set up Record Screen: Turn on the toggle of the first option. By clicking the drop-down icon next to it, you can choose from "Full screen", "Custom", "Fix region", "Arround the mouse", "Follow the mouse" and "Lock window".

Screen Display Settings

#2. Record Webcam Video: To capture Tumblr video, Webcam video is not necessarily so just skip this.

#3. Adjust Audio Input: If you want to record a mute Tumblr video, you don't need to turn on this section. To record Tumblr with sound, you need to turn on the toggle and adjust the volume by dragging the volume bar left or right.

#4. Record Microphone: Disable microphone unless you are recording a video tutorial or an online meeting or there will have some background noise in your Tumblr videos.

Adjust Audio Input

Step 3. Start Recording Tumblr Videos

Once everything is set up, you can go back to Tumblr and play the video you want in full screen.

Full Screen Play Tumblr Videos

Then, go back to TuneFab Screen Recorder and click on the green "REC" button to start the recording.

Start Downloading Tumblr Video

Note: You can also make drawings, add text, select recording length and more.

2. Download Tumblr Videos with Dredown

Dredown is another Tumblr video downloader that enables us to save Tumblr videos on your computer.

Step 1. Click the video to play it in the browser.

Tumblr Play Videos

Step 2. Copy the video link from your browser.

Copy Tumblr Videos URL

Step 3. Paste the link in the Drekdown video downloader and hit on "Dredown".

Download Tumblr Paste URL Dredown

Note: There are many other Tumblr video downloaders available.

1. Orbit Downloader

2. CamStudio Screen Recorder

3. Kastorsoft All Video Downloader


You can try them on your own one by one and choose your favorite one.

Part 3. How to Download Tumblr Audios with Google Chrome/FireFox

To download Tumblr audio, you can get the audio directly from Google Chrome or FireFox without downloading a single software. Steps are like these:

Step 1. Locate the audio you would like to download on Tumblr. Right click on the song and you will see an "Inspect" option in the pop-up window.

Right Click on Tumblr Videos and Choose Inspect

Step 2. In the inspect interface, go to "Network" > "Media" as the screenshot below shows. Then, at the bottom of the inspect interface, you will see a media file listed. Just right-click on it.

Chrome Network Media Right Click

Step 3. After that, you will get a pop-up again offering you several options. Choose "Open in new tab" and move on.

Open in New Tab

Step 4. The audio you would like to download is now playing in a new window. You can see the play/pause button, audio duration, volume icon and a three-dot icon.

Playing Tumblr Audio in New Tab

Step 5. Hit on the three-dot icon and a "Download" option will pop up.

Download Tumblr Audio

Step 6. Then, you can customize the file name of the Tumblr audio and click "Save". After that, the Tumblr audio files will be saved on your computer.

Save Tumblr Audio on Computer

Note: That's it. The Tumblr audio is now downloaded to your computer in MP3 format. If you think this is too difficult for a tech newbie and would like an easier method, TuneFab Screen Recorder will be a better option.

Now that you know how to download Tumblr videos and audio with ease, you can enjoy yourself with Tumblr to find some awesome videos and songs to view them offline or for your party. If you have any other useful ways that we haven't mentioned in this article, you are highly welcomed to leave comments below to share it with us.

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