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Best SoundCloud Playlists Downloader: Download SoundCloud to MP3

By Iris Holmes

April 25, 2019

In a general sense, SoundCloud offers the download function for SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud Go+ users. However, even if with this download function provided, it is hard for SoundCloud lovers to directly download SoundCloud to MP3 because all the downloaded music are formatted as WAV. What's worse, some users may find out that some SoundCloud tracks are not available to download.

Hence, seeking for a SoundCloud playlists downloader will be urgent for not only SoundCloud free users, but also SoundCloud Go as well as SoundCloud Go+ users. Here, we will recommend the professional SoundCloud Playlists Downloader and how it works on download SoundCloud to MP3. Let's have a look at what kinds of SoundCloud Playlists Downloader is required first.


Part 1. TuneFab Screen Recorder: Your Best SoundCloud Playlists Downloader

To download beats from SoundCloud, you need the best and professional SoundCloud Music Downloader, and TuneFab Screen Recorder is such a kind of tool that allows you to download SoundCloud music in a recording way.

TuneFab Screen Recorder is a multi-functional and professional recorder, which embedded three kinds of services, Video Recorder, Audio Recorder and Screen Capture. It has a user-friendly user interface so that it is easy-to-use even you are the green hand in the field of science and technology. Besides, it offers multiple and popular music file formats for SoundCloud users to download beats from SoundCloud, like MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A.

Since you have learned about the TuneFab SoundCloud Music Downloader, now you can move onto the next part to download SoundCloud to MP3.

Part 2. How to Download SoundCloud to MP3

Step 1. Download and Run TuneFab SoundCloud Music Converter

Click to the two buttons listed on the previous parts. As you can see, there are two different icons built in on the download button, one is Windows and the other is Mac. Click to "Try It Free" button to download the corresponding version to make sure the TuneFab SoundCloud Music Downloader functioning on your PC or Mac.

When the whole downloading progress is finished, click to the icon to get the TuneFab SoundCloud Music Downloader fully installed on your PC or Mac. When it is over, click to REC icon and then run the TuneFab Screen Recorder.

Screen Recorder Main Interface

Step 2. Choose Audio Recorder for Preparing SoundCloud Music

After launching the TuneFab Screen Recorder, four buttons are available to click to and they are Video Recorder, Audio Recorder, Screen Capture and More. To download the SoundCloud Music, here you need to click to "Audio Recorder", and then you will shift to the main interface of "Audio Recorder".

Select Audio Recorder

Step 3. Set Your SoundCloud Music Output Format

On the whole main interface of Audio Recorder, you can see the system sound settings and the microphone settings. You can set the system sound and microphone sound for getting ready to download SoundCloud music. However, in the case of downloading SoundCloud music to better quality, we highly recommend turning off the microphone sound.

Now, let's move on to the most important part, and that is setting the output format. On the main interface of TuneFab Audio Recorder, here you can catch sight of the Gear Button on the top right corner of the Microphone Sound. Click to Gear button, and then you can see the Preference Settings page, where you can customize the output file format, hotkeys and other settings.

Click to "Output" button, then you can see lots of parameter settings are available to adjust. Here, let's go to Audio format part, where you can set the output file format of your downloaded SoundCloud as WMA, MP3, M4A and AAC. But now, we choose MP3 as the output file format for the reason that MP3 file format is popular and can be played on multiple media player. And you can set the Audio quality below the Audio format. We have 6 kinds of music quality are available but in order to have a better music quality, lossless will be the best option.

Note: #1 On the Output Settings page, you can also reset the location of output files. If you don't change the location, then all the downloaded SoundCloud music will be stored on the default file folder.
#2 Don't forget to click to "Ok" to complete the whole setting progress.
Set Output Settings

Step 4. Download Your SoundCloud Music as MP3 by Recording

When you have succeeded in setting all the parameter of the downloaded SoundCloud Music, you can move on to download part, recording SoundCloud music.

On the main interface of TuneFab Audio Recorder, you can see a big green button with the words of REC. Now, click to REC, and back to SoundCloud music app or SoundCloud music web player to play the SoundCloud music, then you can get the SoundCloud music download to MP3.

Note: Please don't forget to click to "Save" button and then you can listen to SoundCloud on more devices.
Save Amazon Music

Congratulations! You finally make it! You can enjoy the downloaded SoundCloud music without SoundCloud now. If you think it helpful for your friends, go ahead to share this post with your friends now. Feel free to contact us, if you have any question. Enjoy!

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