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Ultimate Solution: Download John Legend Songs from YouTube

By Tony Moton

March 31, 2018

As a die-hard fan of John Legend, you are able to watch his music video and listen to his songs on YouTube. If you don't have enough bandwidth, you'll have to spend too much time loading video, so watching high-quality streaming video often gets messy. Hence, you want to save these videos and songs files instead of watching or listening to them online. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn't offer any downloading options.

Don't worry. If you don't have a YouTube downloader installed on your computer, you can get John Legend songs from YouTube with VidPaw and TuneFab Screen Recorder. The former is the convenient YouTube online downloading services whilst the later hosts more powerful and multipurpose than any YouTube downloader because it can help you record screen activity, online videos, streaming audios and games, etc. easily with high output quality. This article will explain the reason why to choose these 2 tools and how to use both of them to capture these videos and record these audios on YouTube.

Part. 1 Why Choose VidPaw and TuneFab Screen Recorder?

Reasons for VidPaw:

#1. Available through Website

As online downloading services, no need for downloading or installing a software, nor installing plug-ins. Just surfing the Internet then you can make it.

#2. Easy to Operate

Just 3 steps so as to download the streaming video without any complicated operation moves.

#3. Satisfy your needs

All the basic needs, including formats, quality, and streaming video can be satisfied with Vidpaw.

Reasons for TuneFab Screen Recorder:

#1. Online Videos Recording

You don't have to buy and download a lot of videos on your computer, you can freely record any video with TuneFab Screen Recorder.

#2. Record Game on Your Computer

Tunefab Screen Recorder can help you record the entire gaming process and share it on YouTube or send it to your friends.

#3. Screencast Webcam Video

You can save video chats, online interview, and meeting etc. on your PC for future reference.

#4. Make Video Tutorials

You can use Tunefab Screen Recorder to create video tutorials. It's easier to demonstrate things with a video instead of wasting hours on explaining things with a text.

#5. Take Screenshot

Take screenshots to keep special information and share them with friends instead of giving wordy explanations.

#6. Shortcut Button and Screencast Quality Setting

You can stop and start screen recording by clicking the Shortcut Button. In addition, you can also customize the output format, quality, and frame rate before recording.

#7. Edit Function when Recording

You can edit your video, making a comment and typing when recording video.

Part. 2 How to Get John Legend Songs from YouTube?

Get ready for VidPaw and TuneFab Screen Recorder which can help you to get John Legend songs from YouTube by downloading the videos or capturing and recording the audios. Don't forget to download the TuneFab Screen Recorder and follow the instructions below.

2.2 Download YouTube Songs with VidPaw

It is easy to download video with VidPaw. You just need follows 3 steps then you can download John Legend songs from YouTube.

Step 1. Visit and copy the URL for getting ready for downloading.

Step 2. Visit VidPaw and paste the URL into the box.

Copy URL to VidPaw

Step 3. Select the one suits you and then click on Download button

After that, you can enjoy John Legend Songs without using YouTube now. Now, let's move on to next part and see how TuneFab Screen Recorder works on getting John Legend Songs from YouTube.

2.2 Record John Legend Songs with TuneFab

A: How to Capture the Music Video?

Step 1. Install and Launch TuneFab Screen Recorder on Your PC

Download TuneFab Screen Recorder and follow simple instructions on how to install this program, then launch it.

Main Interface

Note: Free trial limits you to record every video no more than 3 minutes, you can purchase the full version to break the limit. You will receive an email with an activation code when you purchase the full version of our store. Then Click on "Register" button, enter the activation code into the pop-up window, and click on "Unlock" button.

Register TuneFab 
Screen Recorder

Step 2. Select Recording Area on Your PC

Click on "Video Recorder" section from the interface, and click "V" button to select "Full screen" or "Custom" and others to customize the recording area of your screen that you'd like to make a video.

Screen Display Settings

Step 3. Record Video

When you record YouTube, music video, online movies, iTunes or other sites video, you need to turn on "System Audio" and turn off the "Microphone" to avoid reducing the quality of video with the surrounding noise.

Note: If you want to record video meetings or Skype chats, system audio and microphones need to be selected.

Select Video Recorder

Step 4. Change Location of Output Files & Output File Format

Click the gear button "More Settings" to change the output folder to a specific location in "Output". Besides, in this interface, you can select the file format to enjoy.

Genernal Output Setting

Step 5. Reset Hotkeys

Hotkeys could help you to start/stop recording, pause/resume recording and take a screenshot. You can set the hotkeys as "Hotkeys".

Change Shortcuts

Step 6. Record the Desktop Screen

After all the preparations are completed, open the web page that contains the video you want to record, and click the "REC" icon to record the streaming video immediately. Then click on "Save" to save the video of John Legend songs.

Preview Recorded Video

B: How to Rip the Audio from YouTube Video?

Step 1. Open System Audio & Microphone

Run the TuneFab Screen Recorder and click the "Audio Recorder". After entering to the Audio Recorder Interface, please make sure to open System Audio & Microphone.

Record Audio

Step 2. Prepare the Settings

Click on the "More Settings" button to customize the recording settings like the location of output files, output format, codec, and quality, etc. in your preference (Refer to step 4 to 5 of part 1).

General Output Settings

Step 3. Start Recording

Once it's all set, click the "Rec" icon to record audio right away.

Record Toolbar

Now you know how to download or record video and audio from YouTube or other websites in the most efficient way and keep it on your hard drive. Use VidPaw or download TuneFab Screen Recorder and enjoy John Legend Songs offline right now!

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