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Amazon Music Converter: Convert Amazon Prime Music to MP3

By Iris Holmes

April 15, 2019

Popular as Amazon Music is, there are some limitations when it comes to enjoy Amazon Music. For example, Amazon users can only enjoy the download function merely on their iPhone or Android device. No matter how hard you have tired, there is no download button which are available to turn it on to download Amazon on your PC or Mac.

Hence, to solve the download problem for Amazon Prime Music users and Amazon Unlimited Music Users, we are going to introduce a new way to get the Amazon Music downloaded by converting Amazon Prime Music or Amazon Unlimited Music to MP3. Let's have a look what you will need before convert Amazon Music to MP3.


Part 1. Briefly Introduction of Amazon Music Converter

TuneFab Screen Recorder is a professional, three-in-one and easy-to-use recorder designed for recording the music or videos from the streaming video or audio websites with 2 kinds of built-in recorders. One is video recorder and the other is audio recorder. By using the audio recorder of TuneFab Screen Recorder, users can easy to download and convert Amazon Music in the recording way.

With TuneFab Screen Recorder, you can record and download and convert Amazon Music to various audio file formats, like MP3, WMA, AAC and M4A. Besides, it allows you to change the music quality based on your needs.

Part 2. Convert Amazon Music to MP3/M4A/AAC/etc

Step 1. Download and Run Amazon Music Converter

On the previous part, you can catch sight of 2 "Try It Free" Button for different operating system. Click to "Try It Free" button and then download the corresponding version on your computer in accordance with your computer. When the whole download progress is finished, click to the icon and then get the whole converter fully installed on your computer and Mac.

After the TuneFab Screen Recorder installed on your computer and Mac, click to launch it to get ready to convert Amazon Music to MP3.

Screen Recorder Main Interface

Step 2. Choose Audio Recorder to Get Ready for Recording

On the interface of Screen Recorder, click to "Audio Recorder" to get ready for recording the Amazon Music.

Select Audio Recorder

Step 3. Set the Output Settings

On the main interface of TuneFab Screen Recorder, click to the Gear button to set the output settings: file formats and output folder.

Click to Output button, you can see the output settings for video and audio. On the first two line, you can set the location of temporary files and the output files. Here, click to the folder-like button on the second line. Then you can set the output folder as you want. However, if you don't make any change, then it will be default.

On the last two line of the whole output settings page, you can see the Audio format and Audio quality. Click to the down-arrow button, then a drop-down box will appear. You can select the output file format as well as the quality.

There are lots of file formats are available to customize, and they are MP3, WMA, AAC and M4A. And there are various kinds of qualities to adjust and we highly recommends setting as lossless, so that you can maintain the original audio quality.

Set Output Settings

Step 4. Record Amazon Music to MP3

After setting the output file folder and the output file format, now you can get ready to record Amazon Music to MP3.

Note: Please turn on the System Sound and turn off the Microphone sound before you recording Amazon Music. And please set the system sound to the volume that you have tested as the best one.

Now, click to REC and wait for 3 second countdown, then go to the Amazon play the song that you want to convert to MP3. When it is over, please don't forget to click the square-shaped button to stop the whole recording. You can preview the whole recording is unabridged. If yes, then click to "Save" to save all the Amazon Music to MP3.

Save Amazon Music

Note: What if you have purchased the Amazon Music? If you have brought the Amazon Music, you can download the Amazon app on your PC and follow the operation below.

#1 Select the songs and albums that you want to download.
#2 On the right side of the playlists, there is a section, named Actions. Below the Actions, there is a button named Download. Click to Download to get the purchased Amazon music downloaded. When the whole progress finished, then you can enjoy the Amazon offline.
Download Digital Amazon Music

However, if the music is in Amazon Prime Music and the Music Unlimited, then it is hard to get the Amazon Music downloaded. Hence, you can also try the way above and then to get the Amazon Music fully convert.

Part 3. Download Amazon Music on Android and iPhone Devices

If you are using the Android and iPhone to enjoy Amazon, then it will be easy to get your Amazon Music downloaded from Amazon app to Android or iPhone.

Warming up: Please download the Amazon App before you want to download the Amazon Music to your Android and iPhone devices.

Step 1. Hit to run the Amazon Music app.

Step 2. Select the Music that you want to have an offline playback.

Step 3. Tap the three-vertical-dot button to shift the More Options page.

Step 4. Just hit to the "Download" button then you can download the Amazon Music on your iPhone and Android.

Note: To listen to the offline music, you shall:
For iPhone: Please tap "Settings" on the main interface. And then press the button to turn on Offline Music Mode.
For Android: Please go to My Music and then click to the inverted-triangle button, a pop up window "How do you want to listen?". Now, hit to the Offline Music and then you can enjoy Amazon Music offline on Android devices.
Download Amazon Music on Android

Up till now, you have got the your Amazon Music Converter, the TuneFab Screen Recorder to convert the Amazon Music to MP3 and even more file formats on computer. Besides, you can enjoy Amazon Music offline on Android and iPhone device. Now, it is your turns to convert your Amazon Music to playable music file formats. Be free to contact us if you have any problem of Amazon music. Enjoy your Amazon Music offline.

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