Full Guide on How to Burn YouTube Music to CD [2020 Latest]

By Iris Holmes

June 06, 2019

When enjoying music or audio from YouTube, you may want to burn a CD from YouTube to share with your friends or enjoy it at any time. However, when you attempt to burn YouTube Music to CD on both Windows and Mac, you are always getting suck on the first move, that is, to get YouTube Music downloaded. Even though you are more lucky to have your YouTube audio downloaded, it is still hard for you all to burn music to CD.

Feeling desperate, isn't it? That is because you are using the wrong way to burn YouTube Music to CD. Now, it is time for you to learn the guide of burn CD from YouTube. But first, let's start with the part, what'll you need for burning CD from YouTube Music.


Part 1. What'll You Need for Burning CD from YouTube Music

There are mainly 3 things you will need for burning CD from YouTube Music. See details below:

No. 1 Download YouTube Music to your PC

To download YouTube Music to your PC, you will need a YouTube Music Downloader. Here we are going to recommend TuneFab YouTube Music Downloader, a three-in-one screen recorder consists of the powerful audio recorder to download the music and audio to plain music file formats like MP3, M4A and more. Besides, it allows you to choose the quality of downloaded music, from lowest to lossless.

No. 2 Rewritable DVD Drive and Blank CD

When it comes to burning CD, then the two things DVD Drive with rewritable function and blank CD are required. DVD Drive is used for importing the blank CD and burning to your YouTube Music CD. What's more, to burn the CD, you should prepare a blank CD. If you have any data on your CD, please make sure to erase all the data and then burn your CD.

No. 3 Tools for Burning CD

We are not going to talk about Windows Media Player or iTunes for burning YouTube Music to CD since we have learned that some users will have trouble on burning CD in this way. Here we will recommend 2 tools for burning CD from YouTube Music. One is called ImgBurn for Windows users, and the other is named Burn of Mac users. Both ImgBurn and Burn are easy to use and feasible for burning CD from YouTube.

Now, let's go and take a look at how to burn CD from YouTube with these 3 tools.

Part 2. Full Tutorial for Burning Music CD from YouTube

Section 1. Download YouTube Music/Audio with TuneFab YouTube Music Downloader

Step 1. Download TuneFab Screen Recorder

Click to "Try It Free" button below to download TuneFab Screen Recorder. Pay attention to download and install the right and compatible version of TuneFab Screen Recorder. When the whole downloading and installation is over, please run it for the whole download YouTube progress.

Step 2. Choose Audio Recorder as Your Download Mode

When you have run TuneFab Screen Recorder, you can see 4 buttons are available. But at this time, we need to choose Audio Recorder, which is ready for recording the YouTube Music or YouTube tracks.

Choose Audio Recorder

Step 3. Select Your File Format and Output Folder

To select the file format and output folder, you should go to the Preferences Page first. Here, you have got 2 ways to enter the Preferences Page, one is to click to "Three-Line" Button next to the Mini Button, and the other is to click to "Gear" Button on the main interface of Audio Recorder.

Enter Preferences Page

Now, you are successfully entered to Preferences Page. Let's move onto the file settings. Click to Output button, where you can set the file formats and the file folder with one click.

Click to the Down-arrow button on the Location of the output folder, then you can select the output folder. If there is no location path for selecting, go and click to the Folder-shaped button to select the output folder.

Click to the Down-arrow button on the Audio format, you can select your output file formats from the drop-down list. Right below the Audio format, you can also select the audio quality.

When all the settings are done, please click to Ok to confirm all the settings are successfully selected.

Select Audio Format Folder

Step 4. Click to REC to Get YouTube Music or Audio Downloaded

Now, you can go to YouTube and play the music and even music video and go to TuneFab Audio Recorder to record the music and tracks that you want to burn a CD.

Record Audio

When it is over, please make sure to click Red stop button and click to Save your YouTube music on your PC.

Save Recorded Audio

Now, with these steps, you have successfully managed to get the music ready for burning a CD. Now, let's move on to Section 2, the parts of burning on Windows and Mac.

Section 2. Burn CD from YouTube Music on Windows/ Mac

Warming up:

Before you burn CD from YouTube Music, please turn your DVD drive on and import your blank CD to the DVD Drive to get ready for the following tutorial.

For Windows Users:

Step 1. Download ImgBurn on your PC and get it fully installed on your Windows.

Step 2. When you have run the ImgBurn, you can see the main interface of ImgBurn. Now, please click to Write files/ folder to disc to burn CD from YouTube Music on your pc.


Step 3. Select the folder to burn CD

Please make sure that you have selected the right folder that you have store your YouTube Music/audio. On the new page, click to Browse button to add the folder that you have already downloaded the YouTube Music.

Add Folder to ImgBurn

Step 4. Click to Burn Button and confirm Your Folder Again

When you have added the folder to ImgBurn, now click to the button-left button, as you can see that is a folder to disc button to burn CD with one click. When you have clicked to the burn button, then a pop-up window will appear to ensure you have added the right folder. Now click Yes.

Confirm Folder

See? You can burn CD from YouTube Music on your Windows. Now, go ahead to enjoy your YouTube Music with a CD. And if you are Mac user, you can follow the step guide below.

Burn CD on PC with ImgBurn

For Mac Users

Step 1. Download Burn Software on your Mac and install it on your Macbook.

Step 2. On the main interface of Burn, click to the "+" button to add the folder that you want to burn CD, which also stores your downloaded YouTube Music.

Step 3. Go to Burn Software on the main interface, there is a select button on the top right corner, here you can select the MP3 disc or Audio CD as your CD burner type.

Step 4. Click to Burn Button to burn CD from YouTube Music.

Add Folder to Burn

Step 5. When you click to Burn button, a pop-up window will happen and require you to select the burn Speed from Maximum Possible and 2X. Here let's select Maximum Possible for burn CD and then click to Burn.

Set Parameter on Burn

Magic! You can burn CD from YouTube Music on Macbook without iTunes now. Now it is your turn to burn YouTube Music to CD by yourself.

Burn CD on Mac with Burn

That's all the detailed and complete guide on burning YouTube music to CD for you. If you think it helpful for your friends, please share it with your friends. Be free to leave a comment below if you meet any problem. Enjoy!

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