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Best KeepVid Alternative for Downloading Online Videos (2018)

By Iris Holmes

March 24, 2018

Breaking news has been announced by KeepVid, that they will no longer provide the videos and audios downloading services from March 2018. Such a shocked and sad news. If you are one of the KeepVid users and have been using KeepVid for downloading videos for a long time, then you're facing an awkward and painful matter. That is, are there any other KeepVid alternatives or online services that you can use for saving online videos? Don't worry, if you are reading this post, you've come to the right place, because I am going to share you with other best alternatives to KeepVid for streaming videos/audios downloading. So, let's see what they are.



Part 1. The Best KeepVid Alternative in 2018

Owing to there are stacks of software which can be the best KeepVid alternative, I am going to share with you one of the most powerful, professional, and easy-to-use software for helping you get rid of allodoxaphobia, say, TuneFab Screen Recorder.

TuneFab Screen Recorder consists of 3 functions: Video Recorder, Audio Recorder and Snapshot. If you want to download the video from YouTube or other streaming videos, Video Recorder will be your choice. You can set your video recording area and choose your video output file format as well as file folder to downloading whatever video you want to download with one-click recording. Besides, you can edit your video when recording YouTube video.

However, if you just feel like keeping the audio from the YouTube video or others, Audio Recorder also works. As for video and audio file format, there are different file formats for you to select, such as MP4, WMV, MP3, AAC, and etc.

Knowing the basic information of TuneFab Screen Recorder, you might wonder how exactly it works for recording video and can be the best KeepVid alternative. Then, let's go and see how it works.

Step 1. Download and launch the software on your computer

Note: Bear in mind that this software just allows saving the video for only 3 minutes for free trial version.

Screen Recorder Interface

Step 2. Click on the Video Recorder for getting ready for record

Step 3. Choose your Recording Area by clicking the "V" button

There are 3 ways you can select, the Full Screen and the Custom, or others customs area.

Step 4. Click on More Settings button for selecting Output folder and File Format

For Output, the output files location and file formats can be reselected.

For Hotkeys, you can set the hotkey to operate TuneFab Screen Recorder freely.

Step 5. After setting all the detailed of your video, click on REC

Preview Recorded Video

After that, you can easy to keep whatever video downloading and saving on your computer even though KeepVid is not available. If you still feel puzzled about how it works, the following guidelines will help you understanding TuneFab Screen Record all-around together with 3 minutes of video.

User Guide: TuneFab Screen Recorder.

Also, there are others online service has the same function as KeepVid. Let's move on to the next parts and know about them.

Part 2. Other Online Service of KeepVid Alternative

# 1 VidPaw

VidPaw, is a free online service for downloading video from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other streaming video service by just copying and pasting the URL into the search box and then clicking Download the file. There are many file formats for choosing, like MP4, 3GP, WebM and so on. Besides, the quality of the video is available for choosing.

Screenshot VidPaw

# 2 Online Convert

Online Convert is another online video converter which allows you to convert YouTube video to different kinds of file format, like MP4, 3GP, MKV and the like. However, it is not stable on converting all your YouTube video.

Online Convert

# 3 ClipConverter

ClipConverter also has the function of converting YouTube video from YouTube to the different file format, like MP3, M4A, MP4, 3GP, and others kinds of file format. However, it is just for YouTube. Means you need different kinds of the tool for saving your video.

Clip Converter

# 4 Converto

Converto is an online converter for converting your YouTube video to MP3 and MP4. However, it is just for YouTube and not for the whole streaming video. It is good if you just want to have a tool for helping you with download YouTube rather than all kinds of streaming video.

Online Converter Converto

Now, it is your time for selecting the one that suits your need for the alternative of KeepVid. Personally, I think that if you just for YouTube, VidPaw is not bad for it provides more service including YouTube. However, if you want more and doesn't want to mark so many bookmarks on your browser, TuneFab Screen Recorder is the preferred. So what software and online service are your best option? Hope you find the one belongs to you.

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