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Best Bandcamp Downloader: Download Bandcamp to MP3

By Jennifer Mario

December 12, 2019

"What can I do if I want to download Bandcamp music without payment?"

Since Bandcamp offer the downloading services by paying the music, lots of Bandcamp lovers keep seeking for the alternative way to download Bandcamp. To download Bandcamp music, you the Bandcamp users needs to prepare an all-round Bandcamp downloader. And TuneFab Screen Recorder is such a tool that allows you downloading Bandcamp music by recording music down and save as MP3. Now read this post and then see how to make it.


Part 1. Brief Introduction: TuneFab Bandcamp downloader

TuneFab Screen Recorder is an excellent and professional audio recorder which can record audio from different music sources, like Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Bandcamp the topic today and more and save as lossless quality. There are lots of audio format are available for options, like MP3, M4A, WMA and more. More features of TuneFab Screen Recorder can be learned as below.

More Features of TuneFab Screen Recorder:

1. Record audio from internal systems or microphone as well as other music sources at ease by 4 steps.

2. Various audio formats are available for options, like MP3, M4A, WMA and more.

3. Customize audio recording quality from lowest and lossless, which suits your need.

4. Trim your recording after the recording is ended. [Full Version Features]

Part 2. How to Download Bandcamp to MP3 with Lossless for Free

Since you have known the versatile functions of TuneFab Screen Recorder. Here the following tutorials will teach you how to download bandcamp album to mp3 freely by using TuneFab Screen Recorder. We are going to teach you on the Windows background. If you are the mac users, you can still keep reading and following the guide below. Because it is the same operation.

Step 1. Install & Launch TuneFab Screen Recorder on Your Computer

Download and install the free trial version of TuneFab Screen Recorder on your computer, then launch it and you will go to the main interface as shown below.

Launch TuneFab Screen Recorder on Your Computer

Step 2. Select Audio Recorder and Recording Inputs

Select "Audio Recorder" and then you will be guided to Audio Recorder mode.

Here you need to switch on "System Sound" to make sure that the audio can be recorded from Bandcamp. Please make sure to turn off the "Microphone" to prevent the noises from surrounding.

Choose Audio Recorder and Recording Settings

Step 3. Set the parameters for the output music files

Press on the Gear button from the upper right corner of the interface to bring out the "Preferences" panel, in which you can choose "Output" option to set the parameters covering format, codec, qaulity and Frame rate for your output music files. Here, you can choose "MP3" as the audio format. Additionally, you also can customize the audio quality to meet your requirement.

Set Parameters for Output Music Files

Step 4. Download Bandcamp Music to MP3 By Recording

Once you have set the parameters for the recorded music, you can click on the Green button "REC" on the right side of the interface to record and download Bandcamp music to MP3.

Once the recording has been finished, you can check the recorded music by clicking on the "Play" button to get it playback and confirm if it suits your needs. If so, please click to "Save" button to save the recorded music file to the destination folder.

Check the Recorded Bandcamp Music by Playback

Since you have mastered the great method of downloading Bandcamp music to MP3 freely with TuneFab Screen Recorder, it is your turn to download Bandcamp music to MP3 for free. If you love this post, please go and share with your friends. Any problem or comment are welcome by leaving a comment below. That's all for today. See you next time.

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