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Best Alternative to Adobe Screen Capture Software

By Zoe Clarke

August 29, 2018

"One of my friends recommend me to record videos with Adobe screen recorder, but I can't use it as I am not a user of Adobe Premiere Pro. Any recommended an alternative?"

"I am looking for a video recorder just like Adobe screen recording software. Which video recorder is the best?"

"How to record videos with high quality? Could anyone give me some advice?"

Considering that most of you may have the above questions, I hereby give you tips and introduce you how to record videos with Adobe video recording function and recommended the alternative: TuneFab Screen Recorder.


Part 1. How to Record Video with Adobe Video Capturing Function

First of all, let's know more about Adobe video recording function.

Brief Introduction of Adobe

Adobe Systems Incorporated is an American multinational computer software company. Adobe has historically focused upon the creation of multimedia and creativity software products. Adobe Premiere Pro captures video through a digital port, such as a FireWire or SDI port installed on the computer.

Though Adobe is so powerful that it can help you capture videos from camcorders and webcams, you are not allowed to use the video recording function if you don't register the Adobe Premiere Pro. So how to record videos without Adobe Premiere Pro? Actually, you can download the Adobe video recording function alternative.

Recording Videos with Adobe Premiere Pro

If you have already registered the Adobe Premiere Pro, then you can record videos with Adobe by following the steps below.

Step 1. Prepare the videos that you want to record. Turn on the webcam or connect the camcorders.

Step 2. Click "Add Media" icon to browse to the location where you saved the video files and add them to the Quick view/Expert view timeline.

Step 3. Then you will see a capture window. Select the device from which you want to capture video clips in the capturing source menu.

Step 4. Click the "Capture" icon to start recording. Then Specify a name and a location for the recorded videos.

Step 5. At last click "Add Media" icon and select "Files And Folders". Browse to the location where you saved the recorded videos and add them to the Quick view/Expert view timeline.

Part 2. Best Alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro: TuneFab Screen Recorder

As for alternatives, I highly recommend you one of the best alternatives: TuneFab Screen Recorder which is the most powerful tool for screen capturing and audio recording. It can help you to do the following things:

A. Recording online videos and audios on your PC.

B. Recording games for sharing some skills with others.

C. Screencasting webcam video.

D. Make video tutorials. It can catch the screen and highlight your mouse cursor with customized size and color.

E. Take a screenshot when you want to keep some special information or moments.

F. Edit your video when recording video.

Just click on the button below to download TuneFab Screen Recorder right now.

Part 3. How to Record Videos with TuneFab Screen Recorder

As most of you may not register the Adobe Premiere Pro, so I will show you the guide for recording videos with TuneFab Screen Recorder.

Step 1. Register the TuneFab Screen Recorder

After downloading the program, install and launch it on your computer. I highly suggest you register the program before recording videos because the unregistered version has limitations, see below. You can only record two minutes for video files which are more than 3 minutes.

Then how to register?

First, you need to click on "Purchase" button at the bottom right corner to purchase. Then you will receive an email with activation code. Next click on "Register" button, enter the activation code and click on "Unlock" button. Finally, you can record the whole videos now.


Step 2. Select Recording Area

As TuneFab Screen Recorder can record both videos and audios, therefore, you need to click on "Video Recorder" option on the interface to record videos. Next, adjust the recording area as you like by click to the "V" button. There are various options for you to select: "Full screen", "Custom" and so forth.

Screen Display Settings

Step 3. Select Recording Inputs

When you record video conference or Skype chat, then you need to click on both "System Sound" and "Microphone" to enable the check marks. But if you want to record online videos, in order to avoid the noise around you may lower the quality, you had better turn on the "System Audio" and turn off "Microphone".

Select Video Recorder

Step 4. Change Setting

Click on "More Settings" for changing all the recording settings:

Change Location of Output Files and Screenshots: You choose "Output" to change the output folder, the screenshot and record video file formats and so on.

Reset Hotkeys: You can reset the hotkeys to start/stop record, pause/resume record by choosing "Hotkeys" in the setting menu. If you select full screen as recording area, then I highly recommend you to reset hotkeys so you can record videos quickly and easily.

Change Setting

Step 5. Record the Videos

After all the preparations are settled, you can open a window or software that you want to record, then click on the "REC" button to start recording. To stop recording, press hotkeys or click on the "stop" button, then you can preview before saving the recorded videos. At last, you can save the videos by clicking on "Save" on the lower right corner.

Preview Recorded Gameplay

As is shown above, both Adobe video recording software and TuneFab Screen Recorder can help you record videos. But if you don't register the Adobe Premiere Pro, then TuneFab Screen Recorder could be your best choice to record videos. What's more, it can also help you record Wii U gameplay. TuneFab Screen Recorder is really deserved to download.


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