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How to Act toward Apple Music Festival Has Been Canceled

By Iris Holmes

December 19, 2017

Breaking news about the Apple Music Festival having been canceled is making a big splash among the musicomania. It may break a majority of people's heart who is eager to participate in such great event as well as who is the membership of Apple Music, iTunes and DICE users. You may wonder to know what can we do with it canceled. But before you know how to do, I am glad to show you the reviewing of what Apple Music Festival is on earth and here you can learn from the following.


Part 1. What is Apple Music Festival on earth?

Apple Music Festival is an annual music feast held by Apple Inc. in London of the United Kingdom. It was opened in 2007 with the aim of strengthening Apple Music Market and has almost a decade history. It grew out of the iTunes Festival and had been rebranded a new name, that is Apple Music Festival.

Apple Music Festival is intended for providing the free ticket to those who have already been the membership of Apple Music and iTunes Store and the DICE users. Some well-known stars and bands will be invited, such as Lady Gaga and One Direction and so on to come on stage and give some performances, which is huge music feast in every year.

As for those who want to have aftertastes toward such massive music festival, Apple Music had made every Music Festival performances into a streamed live edition and allowed the user to watch it or listening to it on their own TV, iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC and so forth.

Apple Music Festival in London

As for the reason why the festival has been canceled, Apple hasn't declared the concrete reason for it. Maybe some people think it pities for it is indeed a fascinating carnival.

Part 2. What can I do with such a wonderful festival have been canceled?

Such is the fact. So what can we do in the face of a fait accompli that the festival is bound to call off appears to be significant? With the reviewing of what the Apple Music Festival is, you may notices that you still have the chance to feel the atmosphere again right at your home again by watching the performance live or listening to the Music live Edition.

As a matter of fact, all the files in Apple Music as well as in iTunes Stores are under the protection of Digital Rights Management, you can just listen to the Songs or Videos of the iTunes Store only in its player, which is monotonous.

Here are I introduce new ways to listen to the songs as well as videos out of the iTunes Store. Those are TuneFab Apple Music Converter and TuneFab M4V Converter.

Select the Apple Music SongsAdd iTunes M4V Videos

For that music which performed at Apple Music Festival:

TuneFab Apple Music Converter is the best option to break the protection of Digital Right Management by converting the protected AAC music files into MP3 and other kinds file formats with the faster conversion speed, reaching up to 16X conversion speed. With this converter, you can listen to them in other facility and have fully aftertaste to your favorite Apple Music Festival.

Direction: M4P DRM Removal – Remove DRM from iTunes M4P Files

For those shows which also performed at Apple Music Festival:

TuneFab M4V Converter is a solid choice which converts the protected MP4 video files to MP4 and other kinds of file formats with the high output quality in 30X conversion speed. By this means, you can convert the Music live edition of previous Apple Music Festival and video into the normal files so that experience the atmosphere of Apple Music Festival and pick up the memories it brings to.

Guidance: 2 Easy Ways to Remove DRM from iTunes TV Shows

Here, you have mastered 2 swords when facing with Apple Music Festival Cancelled and now you will be relaxed and enjoy your Apple Music Festival shows and music in an easy manner with several clicks. Enjoy your Apple Music Festival right here.

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