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M4V to GIF: How to Get GIF from iTunes M4V videos

By Iris Holmes

April 01, 2018

Have you hungry for saving specific sense as a gif when watching M4V movies on your iTunes? And put it into your chatting as an emoji, tweet it or post it on your Facebook? Suffering from this troublesome question, this post is telling the ways to get GIF from your iTunes M4V videos.

Gif of Big Bang Theory

Tutorial: How to Get GIF from iTunes M4V Videos

If you want to convert your iTunes M4V videos into GIF, the first things you are supposed to do is to convert it into the non-protected file format. Here you need a tool to convert iTunes protected M4V into common MP4 files format, TuneFab M4V Converter. It is a tool which aimed at converting M4V files into MP4 format with just merely several minutes. Also, you can choose your favorite subtitles and audio tracks for your output conversion. OK, let's start with the following guidance.

Note: The version of Windows now fails to convert those rental M4V videos, wait for new version to settle this problem down.

Step 1. DOWNLOAD and launching this software

Launch TuneFab M4V Converter

Step 2. Click "Add Files" to add your M4V videos to get ready to convert

In this step, after adding files to this software, you can select your favorite output settings by setting button in the right column, like subtitles and audio tracks.

Add iTunes M4V Videos

Step 3. Finding your conversion files in the output file

Convert iTunes M4V to MP4

And here you need the second important things you are supposed to install on your computers so that you are supposed to move on to the next step, Videosolo Free Video to GIF Converter. This product has two version which can also compatible with the above converter. One is for Windows and the other is for Mac.

When you have download this software, you can move on to the next guidance on how to Convert Videos to GIF.

From here, you have known how to make your iTunes M4V videos into several parts of GIF, and you are free to use your GIF in different aspects, such as putting into charting emoji, tweeting as illustrating picture and the like.

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