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Difference between Free Trial Version and Full Version

By Iris Holmes

October 27, 2020

In this post, we will tell you about the difference between Free Trial version and Full version. You can try it first before you become the registered user of TuneFab Screen Recorder. Let's take a look at the following pictures to fully grasp the difference.

Free Version vs Full Version

Free Version vs. Full Version:

#1 The Free trial version of TuneFab Screen Recorder doesn't have time limitation and hence you can trying it again and again for a long term.

#2 The main difference between the Free Trial and the registered Full version are the time length of the recorded video. For free trial version, you can just save the first 3 minutes of video. If you have purchased the product, then you can save the full length of video.

#3 One more difference between Free trial version and the full one is the functions of clipping video before saving it. When using free version, you have no permission of clipping video after recording the video. If you want to trim the video before, please kindly purchase it first.

If you find it suitable for your needs of recording video after having trying and fully evaluating the free version, you can purchase it to enjoy the full version. TuneFab offer you with 3 different plans and they are one-year license, single license and the family license. You can move onto the store page of TuneFab Screen Recorder and pick up the right and prefered license.

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