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Hints for Improving the quality of recording

By Iris Holmes

October 27, 2020

Quality is what all the users who use a screen recorder cares, and indeed, there are some hidden magic tricks for TuneFab Screen Recorder users to enjoy the high quality of screen recording. In this post, we will show you all the hints on improving the audio recording.

Method 1. Preset and Remember the Hotkey

Go to the Preference page to set the hotkeys first before clicking to the "REC" button. To use this software smoothly, please kindly bear the hotkey in mind, especially remember the hotkeys of the Start/Stop record, Pause/Resume record, and Show/Hide float panel.

Method 2. Choose the Right Output Settings

Set the output settings as follows.

Video codecs: H.264 (The video compatibility will be the best.)

Video quality: For Windows users, please set the high quality, while for Mac users, please set the Middle quality.

fps: 24 fps

Audio codesc: mp3 or aac

Audio quality: For both Windows and Mac users, you can set high or highest for high-quality recording.

Method 3. Use Preset Features

This feature is just available on the Windows version, you can click to down-arrow button to hit Manage to enter the Preset page. Preset the different lists of the different output settings for different recording situations. For example, if you want to record a technical guide, then on this page, set all the required output settings and then named it as Preset 1. Then you can use this preset to record all kinds of technical guides. It will reduce the errors or quality problems during the recording.

Method 4. Make full use of Lock Screen & Remove Screen

Under TuneFab Screen Recorder for Windows, there is an Advanced Recorder, which allows you to record the screen with a locked or remove the screen. By using a locked or remove the screen, then you are capable of controlling the Windows in or out on your recording video.

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