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Advanced Features of TuneFab Screen Recorder

By Iris Holmes

October 27, 2020

TuneFab Screen Recorder has outstanding features, named Advanced Recorder. With this recorder, TuneFab Screen Recorder allows you to record the screen with some advanced features, such as recording video around the mouse, recording screen by following the mouse, record your video with lock and record window and record screen exclude Windows. Interesting? In this post, we will tell you how to enjoy the Advanced features from TuneFab Screen Recorder, which is merely for Windows users.

Note: Please make sure to click to "Video Recorder" to choose "Advanced Recorder" right under the green "REC" button to get the No.1 to No. 4 features.

Advanced Recorder Main

No. 1 Record video around the mouse

How to get this feature?

Hit "Around mouse" and then choose the right resolution ratio that suits your need, here I prefer to choose 720p. Now you can record the video around the mouse.

No. 2 Follow the mouse to record screen

How to get this feature?

Choose the right resolution ratio by clicking to the Full or Custom button to preset the video settings. Hit "Follow the mouse" to record your screen with these features.

No. 3 Lock and record window

How to get this feature?

Step 1. Choose the "Lock and record windows" to enter the locked windows mode.

Lock and Record Windows

Step 2. Select the right program software for locked windows, and then you will see the whole program will appear on the TuneFab Screen Recorder Main interface.

Record Lock and Record Windows

Step 3. Now, just hit "Record" and then you can record a video just for your selected.

No. 4 Exclude Windows and record

How to get this feature?

Step 1. Choose "Exclude Windows and record" to enter the windows selection page.

Step 2. Select the Windows that you may don't want to record on your video and then record the video.

Record Exclude Windows and Record

Step 3. Click to "Record" and then you can record a video without this Windows.

No. 5 Schedule your screen recorder

How to get this feature?

Note: Please make sure that you have run the TuneFab Screen Recorder as administrator first so as to make the whole recording operating well.

Step 1. Click to "Take Schedule" and then you will see a pop-up Windows to record a video by using task schedule, now hit "+" to create a new task to the following recording task.

Take Schedule Main Interface

Step 2. Input the schedule name and hit "OK" to enter the task preference page.

On this page, you can set the start time, stop time, and the recording settings for your recorded video. More settings are available for options for scheduled video recording.

Schedule Settings

Step 3. Now you can click on OK and just wait for Screen Recorder do its job automatically and you can get the recording video easily.

Take Schedule Recording

No. 6 Preset: An Easy Way to Record Video

TuneFab Screen Recorder would like to save your time when you want to set the video parameters for recording video and Preset is such a helpful feature for you.

How to get this feature?

Step 1. Enter "Video Recorder" and then on the main interface, hit the down-arrow button to hit "Manage" to custom a recording preset.

Choose Manage for Preset

Step 2. Select all the recording preset for your recording.

You can choose the display according to your needs. Besides this, you can customize the video recording parameter, such as video format, video quality, frame rate, audio format and quality.

Preset Settings

Step 3. When you have done the settings, then click to Apply, and then it will store on your Screen Recorder, which is available for the next recording.

It is a pity that these outstanding features are just available for Windows users. If you want to enjoy the advanced features, you'd better purchase the Windows version.

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