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How to Activate Screen Recorder?

By Iris Holmes

October 27, 2020

When you enter this tutorial, you may probably have successfully installed the Screen Recorder on your computer. Then how to activate your own Screen recorder with the key that you have purchased from TuneFab, this is what we going to teach you today.

Note: The whole operation of Windows and macOS is the same. Thus, we will take Windows as an example to illustrate the whole operation.

Step 1. Hit Register to get ready for registration.

On the pop-up Windows, hit Register and then you will move to the Windows where requires you to enter the E-mail address and Registration Code.

Register Screen Recorder

Step 2. Copy your code and enter your E-mail to end up the registration

Back to the E-mail that you have purchased the license key, now copy the code and back to the Windows registration Windows to paste your code. After that, enter your E-mail address to complete the whole registration progress. Once you have done, click Activate to finish.

Enter Register Information

If the activation is successfully done, then you will see a Windows as below appeared. Now start here to enjoy the TuneFab screen recorder.

Register Screen Recorder Successfully

Tips for Activating TuneFab Screen Recorder:

#1 Normally, if you have purchased the TuneFab Screen Recorder, you will receive the order information within 1 hour. If you failed to get the E-mail after purchasing, please check your spam folder or contact TuneFab support to fix it.

#2 However unfortunately if you have entered the wrong E-mail address and failed to get the code, then please kindly contact TuneFab support to fix this problem immediately.

#3 Please make sure that you have connected with the strong Internet so that you can activate the Recorder without any error. If you have come across some activation error when activating like error code 4104, then please kindly contact us immediately.

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