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DVD Formats Explained: Do You Know All of Them?

By Laura Barnes

March 26, 2019

DVD stands for "digital video disc" or "digital versatile disc". There are many different recordable formats of DVD, including DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM and so on. To help you figure out what these DVD formats are, we will introduce each one of these formats in details.

Exploring the Difference Between Recordable DVD Formats


The full name of DVD-R is DVD-Recordable. To distinguish it with DVD+R, the industry defines it as Write-once DVD which means it can record data only once and then the data becomes permanent on the disc. The disc cannot be recorded for the second time. DVD-R can hold 4.7GB of data or video. Typically, it can hold 2 hours of MPEG-2 video on standard speed setting. There are two additional standards for DVD-R disks: DVD-R for Authoring and DVD-R for General. A major difference between them is the wavelength of laser cutting, which requires respectively specialized recorder to write data. Once recorded, both of them can be playable on traditional DVD players.


DVD+R (Digital Versatile Disc Recordable) is one of the rewritable formats. DVD+R is a write-once 4.7GB format which promises to dramatically increase the compatibility with standalone DVD-Video players and DVD-ROM drives. To compare it with DVD-R, DVD+R has the larger capacity and better compatibility.


DVD-RW is a rewritable format that is good for data. It can record up to 4.7 GB in a similar fashion to a CD-RW disc. DVD-RW has a good compatibility and it can save data in DVD formats. However, the big drawback for DVD-RW is that formatting will spend a lot of time. Besides, DVD-RW offers two recording mode, one is video recording mode, the other is DVD video mode. The former one has rich functions but incompatible with DVD players. So DVD-RW is not considered for general-purpose uses.


DVD+RW is a re-recordable format similar to CD-RW. The data on a DVD+RW disc can be erased and recorded over numerous times without damaging the medium. It can record up to 4.7 GB at up to 16× speed. Since it is rewritable it can be overwritten several times. DVD+RW is arguably the best compatibility and easiest-to-use, as well as (certainly) the cheapest.


DVD-RAM is short for Digital Versatile Disc- Random Access Memory. The (double-sided) discs are compatible with only a small proportion of other-format DVD drives. DVD-RAM discs can be recorded and erased repeatedly but are compatible only with devices manufactured by the companies that support the DVD-RAM format. DVD-RAM discs are typically housed in cartridges.

How to Rip All DVD Videos to Other Formats

That's all we want to tell you about the different DVD formats. Now if you have a bunch of DVDs and want to convert them to other formats, try this powerful tool: TuneFab DVD Ripper.

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Load Disc

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Adjust your Output Settings

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Click to Convert

As you can see, TuneFab DVD Ripper is an amazingly efficient DVD ripping tool that is able to convert DVDs to other formats. With a high video compression ratio, your DVDs can be compressed into smaller ones without loss of quality. Simple and fast, even a newbie can be master of it. So why not have a try right now?

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