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TuneFab DVD Ripper DVD Ripper
for Windowsfor Mac


Part 1. Installation & Register TuneFab DVD Ripper

Step 1. Install TuneFab DVD Ripper

Click the "Try It Free" button below to download TuneFab DVD Ripper. Then follow the instructions to install TuneFab DVD Ripper on your Windows or Mac.

Step 2. Launch TuneFab DVD Ripper

After the installation is finished, run TuneFab DVD Ripper on PC/Mac.

Step 3. Register TuneFab DVD Ripper

If you are the unregistered user, you can only convert 5 minutes of the DVD file. To remove such limitation, you need to activate it with a purchased licensed code.

How to get the licensed code? Go to our store, click "Buy Now" to get a registration code. Just wait for several minutes, you will get registration code via E-mail. Copy and paste it into "Registration Code" on Pop-up Window and enter your email address, and click "Register" for converting freely.

Register TuneFab DVD Ripper

Part 2. Rip DVD into MP4/MOV/AVI Format

Step 1. Run TuneFab DVD Ripper

Make sure you have imported your DVD into your computer DVD driver.

Step 2. Load Disc/ DVD Folder/ IFO Files

After launching TuneFab DVD Ripper, you can click the "Load Disc" button to read your DVD contents. If you have others contents on DVD Folder or IFO files, you can click the pull-down list to select your ripping resources.

Load Disc

Step 3. Adjust your Output Settings

After loading your DVD files, on the main interface, click "Profile" to select your output format. Also, you can click "Settings" for advanced output settings, like Video Settings, Audio Settings or 3D Settings.

Adjust your Output Settings

Step 4. Change your Output Folder

On the "Preferences" interface, you can click "General" > "Output Folder" > "Browse" to change your Output Folder for storing all your converted files.

Change your Output Folder

Step 5. Click to Convert

After all the settings have done, click the "Convert" button to get your converted files. The conversion will be finished within minutes.

Click to Convert

Part 3. Edit Your DVDs Videos

TuneFab DVD Ripper is designed with professional video-editing functions for you to enhance your DVDs videos with high output quality.

Step 1. Clips the Favorite Parts of DVDs Videos

Click "Clips" to set the starting time and ending time or you can enter the point-in-time in below to clip your DVDs videos into your favorite parts.

Clips the Favorite Parts of DVDs Videos

Step 2. Add 3D Effect to DVDs Videos

Click "3D" button to add 3D effect to your videos. There are various options to choose from, like Anaglyph, Slide by Slide and Top and Bottom. If you have a 3D device, you can select the compatible 3D effect for your videos.

Add 3D Effect

Step 3. Set the Rotate of DVDs Videos

If your videos are upside down or your videos have something wrong with visual effect, click the "Edit" and select the "Rotate" button to make it corrected. There are 4 option to opt, like Rotate 90 Clockwise, Rotate 90 counterclockwise, Historical flip and Vertical Flip.

Set the Rotate of DVDs Videos

Step 4. Set your Crop Area Size

Click "Edit" and "Crop" button to set the visual area of your videos. You can adjust the size and position of the crop rectangle to enclose the portion of the video you want to keep or you can enter the crop area size directly.

Set your Crop Area Size

Step 5. Add Watermark

TuneFab DVD Ripper allows you to add watermark for your DVDs Videos. Just click "Edit" and "Crop" button to set the watermark for your videos. After that, you will have a video with your favorite watermark, like your name, time, address and so on.

Add Watermark


Part 1. Installation & Register of TuneFab DVD Ripper for Mac

Step 1. Download and install TuneFab DVD Ripper on your computer

Click on the button below or go to TuneFab DVD Ripper Official Website for downloading TuneFab DVD Ripper. After TuneFab DVD Ripper (Mac) are completely downloaded, click to get it installed on your MacBook Pro/ MacBook Air.

Step 2. Run TuneFab DVD Ripper (Mac)

After completed installed TuneFab DVD Ripper (Mac), run it and then a window will pop up. Please Note that TuneFab DVD Ripper (Mac) have 2 version, registered and unregistered.

For unregistered users, you can just merely rip your DVD videos to 5 minutes long video files. However, if you are registered users, you don't worry about the converted time limitation and just copy and paste the registration code you have received from TuneFab support.

How to get the activation code? Please move on to store and choose TuneFab DVD Ripper (Mac) and click to Buy Now. Then just a few minutes, you can get the license via E-mail. Hence, please make sure your E-mail is available and do check your inbox and even your junk box. After that, copying and pasting the code to the input field with your E-mail and the code.

Register TuneFab DVD Ripper for Mac

Part 2. Rip and Convert DVD to MP4 with TuneFab DVD Ripper for Mac

Step 1. Run TuneFab DVD Ripper (Mac)

Before you have run TuneFab DVD Ripper (Mac), please make sure your DVD have imported to your DVD room.

Step 2. Click Load Disc to Load Disc/ DVD Folder/ IFO files

After running TuneFab DVD Ripper (Mac), click the Load Disc button to read your DVD material. Also, you can select other DVD contents from the drop-down list of Load Disc. After clicking loading disc, please be patient to the whole DVD material loaded.

Load DVD of Mac

Step 3. Select the DVD Files to Get Ready to Rip/ Convert

After all the DVD files have loaded, tick the checkbox to select the DVD files you want to rip or convert to MP4.

Select DVD Files for Mac

Step 4. Select the File Format for Converted Files

There are 2 ways to select the file format.

No.1 Click on Profile, you can select the file format according to your needs from the drop-down list.

Select Files Format from Drop Down List Mac

No. 2 Click on the Settings at the bottom of the TuneFab DVD Ripper (Mac) and the Profile Settings will pop up. On the Profile Settings Interface, click to Profile and then you can select the file format.

Profile Settings of Mac

Step 5. Choose the Output Folder

Click on the Destination fields and then a window will pop up, then you can change the converted DVD files location.

Change File Folder for Mac

Step 5. Click Convert to Rip DVD

After you have selected all the DVD files and added effect to your DVD files, you can just click Convert to rip DVD. Please Note that there are 2 options when converting. The first is Only Convert Title(s) and the other is Only Convert Chapters. Please make sure which one is your desired.

Set Conversion Settings for Mac

After setting the conversion option, you can click to OK then the conversions will run. After all the conversion tasks finishing, you can move to your destination folder to enjoy DVD freely.

Convert DVD of Mac

Part 3. Use Edit Functions of TuneFab DVD Ripper for Mac

TuneFab DVD Ripper (Mac) is not only a DVD ripper but also a DVD editor. Before ripping DVD, you can add some effects together with some edit functions to make the DVD met your demand.

Step 1. Clips your DVD to Your Favorite Part

On the main interface of TuneFab DVD Ripper (Mac), click "Clip" and then set the part you love the most, you can drag the progress bar or enter the timer of the video.

Clip DVD for Mac

Step 2. Add 3D Effect to Your DVD

Also, on the main interface of TuneFab DVD Ripper (Mac), click "3D" to Enable 3D Settings to add the 3D effect to your DVD. There is multiple DVD 3D effects are available, like Anaglyph, Slide by Slide and Top and Bottom. If you are 3D video fans, you shall not miss about this function.

Add 3D Effect to DVD for Mac

Step 3. Rotate Your DVD Video

If there is something wrong with your DVD or you want to make some amusing videos to your friends, you can click "Edit” of TuneFab DVD Ripper (Mac) and then select the Rotate to reset the visual effect of your DVD. There are 4 kinds of DVD Rotate options, like Rotate 90 Clockwise, Rotate 90 counterclockwise, Horizontal flip and Vertical Flip.

Rotate DVD for Mac

Step 4. Set the Crop Field of DVD

Click "Edit" to "Crop" to set the visual area of your DVD, you can customize the position of the video. There are 2 ways to crop the DVD fields, one is dragging the textbox, the other is just enter the parameter on the Crop Area Size.

Crop DVD for Mac

Step 5. Add Watermark to Your DVD Video

If you want to make your DVD personally, you can click to "Edit" to "Watermark" to Enable Watermark and then you can enter the text that you want to set as watermark even with the picture.

Add Watermark for Mac

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