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Tutorial on How to Convert M4B to MP3 with iTunes

By Tony Moton

February 15, 2018

Do you have some .m4b files that you want to convert to MP3 files so you can listen to them on your Android phone? It is no doubt that you can smoothly play M4B files (audiobooks mostly) in your iPhone X/8/7/6s, iPod touch, iPad Pro, etc. Nevertheless, this format is not supported by other smartphones, such as Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8, and more. Under this circumstance, you can turn to iTunes, the official assistance designed by Apple. This guide will show you how to convert M4B to MP3 with the help of iTunes.

If you are familiar to M4B format, you can skip Part 1 and read the steps directly. If you not yet understand M4B format, please refer to the brief introduction to M4B format for more details.


Part 1. Brief Introduction to M4B Format

Generally, files in M4B format which ends with the .m4b extension are audiobooks. And they are normally items purchased from iTunes Store. M4B is specially designed for audiobooks. Audiobooks in M4B format can be paused or continued playing anytime by tapping the "Play" button. This is quite attractive to users.

The audio in an M4B file is encoded with the AAC compression format. Therefore, it can be protected with DRM policy so that only computers and iOS devices (iPod, iPhone and iPad) that have been authorized via iTunes can read and play it.

Part 2. Preparation Steps Before Conversion

1. Windows/Mac Computer

2. iTunes

Download and install iTunes from the Internet.

3. M4B Files

Download the M4B files that you want to convert to MP3.

Part 3. Convert M4B to MP3 with iTunes

Step 1. Import M4B File to iTunes Library

Launch iTunes in your computer. Then click the "File" button > "Add File to Library"/"Add Folder to Library" to import the downloaded M4B files that you want to convert into the iTunes library.

Import M4B to iTunes

Step 2. Open the "Preference" Popup

Click the "Edit" menu and select "Preferences" to open the "Preference" window.

Open Preference Window

Step 3. Adjust Import Settings

Click the "General" button if it is not already selected. After that, select the "Importing Settings…" button to the left of "When You Insert a CD."

Select Import Settings

Step 4. Select MP3 Encoder

The "Import Settings" window will occur. Click the "Import Using" menu and select "MP3 Encoder." Click "OK." After that, click the "OK" button to close the "Preferences" window.

Select MP3 Encoder

Step 5. Convert M4B to MP3

Select the M4B file you want to convert to MP3. Most M4B files are located in the "Audiobooks" section of iTunes. Click the "File" menu and select "Create MP3 Version". The M4B file will be converted to MP3.

Convert M4B to MP3

Easy, right? In fact, in addition to iTunes, you can also turn to other assistant program such as TuneFab Apple Music Converter. This is an all-in-one M4B to MP3 converter that can help bypassing the DRM (Digital Rights Management) policy and convert the M4B audio files into plain MP3 for playback on any device. The program is supported both by Windows and Mac. And you can have a free try by downloading the trial version. More importantly, you can simply adjust conversion speed by choosing 1x to 16x speed without compromising on the audio track sound quality. So you can convert M4B tracks into MP3 within short time. And the output MP3 is the same as the original track.

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