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2 Ways to Import Audible Audiobooks to Windows Media Player

By Iris Holmes

April 15, 2018

Users who use the computer are familiar with Windows Media Player(WMP), a system-provided media player provided by Windows, which are available on both Windows computer and Windows smartphone as well as tablets. This player is allowed you to play myriad media materials, such as video, music, pictures and your recorded TV shows. Holding an omnipotent tool the Windows Media Player and a bulk of Audible Audiobooks, you may wonder whether a possible and existing way can combine them together. Here are the 2 ways you may be interested in. Come and learn it to enhance your audiobooks experience.


There are 2 ways you are inclined to apply to when importing Audible Audiobooks to Windows Media Player. You can choose the convenient ways of importing to.

Method 1. Import Audible Audiobooks to WMP with Audible Download Manager

If you have an Audible Download Manager, you can apply this way to import your Audible Audiobooks to Windows Media Player.

Step 1. Launching your Audible Download Manager

When you launching your Audible Download Manager, you will see the interface with three buttons:"General Settings", "Audible Podcasts" and "Downloads". Here, click the first bottom "General Settings" and you will move on to General Settings page. And mark the Windows Media Player as well as Launch when import. After marking, click "Save Settings".

Set Import Audible Audiobooks on Audible Download Manager

Now you can easy to import your Audible Audiobooks with Audible Download Manager to Windows Media Player. However, you may curious about how you can import your Audible Download Manager. The answer is yes. You can move on to next skill to learn about it.

Method 2. Import Audible Audiobooks to WMP without Audible Download Manager

Audible Audiobooks are all protected by DRM with its format protected AA files format. To import Audible Audiobooks to Windows Media Player, you can convert the Audible Audiobooks to common format MP3. All you need to have a tool to help you converting Audible Audiobooks into MP3, TuneFab Apple Music Converter. However, before you converting, you can import Audible Audiobooks to iTunes.

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After importing into Audible Audiobooks into iTunes, you can start to use this software to convert your Audible Audiobooks and put converted audio files into Windows Media Player. It won't waste your valuable time on converting into MP3 format. You can leave your converter converting batches of conversion until conversion finished.

Okay, let's get started the step-by-step guidance.

Step 1. Launching the tool


Step 2. Select your Audiobooks to convert

You can select your audiobooks and format and standard for your audiobooks to Conversion queue.

Select Audiobooks

Step 3. Click the "Convert" bottom

You can click the top-left bottom to start conversion and pay attention to the free trial allow you to convert your audiobooks into 3 minutes long output conversion.

Convert Apple Music

Step 4. Put it into your Windows Media Playlists

Put your conversion to Window Media and make it a list so that you can listen to Audiobooks with your Window Media Player.

Play Audible Audiobooks on Windows Media Player

Now you have learned how to input your Audiobooks into Windows Media Player by these 2 skills. Hope you will enjoy your unblocked audiobooks listening journey from here.

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