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Solutions: Transfer Apple Music Songs to iPhone 8

By Vicky Lewis

November 03, 2017

The newly launched iPhone 8 has attracted many buyers, especially Apple fans. Apple Music is one of the largest music streaming services, and most iPhone users would subscribe Apple Music for its high quality audio, videos, audiobooks resources. When Apple Music subscribers use new iPhone 8, they must need to transfer the Apple Music songs which have been saved on their former iPhone to the new iPhone 8. There are 2 other solutions which could help you transfer Apple Music songs to iPhone 8 easily.


Part 1. Transfer Apple Music Songs to iPhone 8 Through iCloud Music Library

The simplest method to transfer Apple Music songs to iPhone 8 is using iCloud Music Library. iCloud Music Library is great for Apple Music sharing, which means users could have access to the songs which is saved on different Apple devices with the same Apple ID.

Steps for getting Apple Music songs on new iPhone 8 with iCloud Music Library:

Step 1. Go to Settings > Music.

Step 2. Turn on iCloud Music Library.

Step 3. You can select to keep the songs on your new iPhone 8 or replace them when enabling iCloud Music Library.

Turn on iCloud Music Library

Note: iCloud Music Library is available for Apple Music subscribers, and make sure you have tapped on iCloud Music Library on your former devices.

Part 2. Transfer Apple Music Songs to iPhone 8 with TuneFab Apple Music Converter

The above solution has certain limitations. For example, when Apple Music Membership expired, you would fail to listen to Apple Music any more unless you re-subscribe for it. The Apple ID could only authorize Apple Music on up to 5 devices. When you use the same Apple ID on the sixth device, the Apple Music songs would be unplayable, either. In other word, if you have authorized your Apple ID on other 5 devices before you use your new iPhone 8, you would fail to adopt the first method to transfer your Apple Music songs to new iPhone 8.

Also, you can not transfer Apple Music songs directly since the DRM protection (Apple Inc has adopted DRM technology to protect all its digital contents, including audio, video files, and audiobooks) has prevented the Apple Music songs from being reused and replicated. You need to take use of a third-party program to help you get rid of DRM encryption. That is TuneFab Apple Music Converter.

The Advantages of TuneFab Apple Music Converter

* High conversion speed of removing DRM from Apple Music songs;

* Preview iTunes Library directly inside the program;

* Convert Apple Music songs to plain MP3, AC3, AIFF, FLAC, etc.;

* Provide with a free-trial version;

* Support both Windows and Mac.

Steps for Using TuneFab Apple Music Converter:

Step 1. Launch TuneFab Apple Music Converter

Click on the download button above to install TuneFab Apple Music Converter program. You have access to the free-trial version to experience the program first.

Launch TuneFab Apple Music Converter

Step 2. Select Apple Music songs

Run TuneFab Apple Music Converter, and it would connect with iTunes automatically. TuneFab Apple Music Converter can detect and catch the playlists from your iTunes Library, which means that you can preview your Apple Music songs playlists and directly select the songs you want to convert. Tick the little box in front of the song title. You are able to select more than one songs each time.

Select M4P File

Step 3. Output settings

After selecting Apple Music songs, you can do some output settings. In "Output Settings" section, you can amend the output format, bit rate, codec, etc of the output files. Also, you are able to select an output folder to save the converted songs, which could help you have access to them easily.

Choose MP3 as Output Format

Step 4. General settings

In "Options" (on the top-left on the interface), you can select the conversion speed, either. The speed of 1x to 16x are provided, and you are free to select in your preferences. Besides, you can rename and sort the output files here by selecting the title, album, artist, etc.

Convert M4P to MP3

Step 5. Convert the files

After all settings, you can tap on "Convert" button now. TuneFab Apple Music Converter would begin to rip DRM encryption from Apple Music songs, and the whole process would be finished in just few minutes.

Convert M4P to MP3

When you get the DRM-free Apple Music songs, you can import them to your iPhone 8 through iTunes. Here I would like to recommend you a good tranfer helper - FonePaw iOS Transfer.

FonePaw iOS Transfer

FonePaw iOS Transfer provides a very convenient transfer service between iPhone and computer. You can transfer the DRM-free Apple Music songs from computer to iPhone with this program in a rather high speed and easy way.

>> View the guidance of using FonePaw iOS Transfer

>> Download FonePaw iOS Transfer now

Then you are free to enjoy the songs on any media players with your new iPhone 8, and even your Apple Music Membership expired, you could keep this songs playable!

Have a wonderful experience with Apple Music songs!

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