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How to Sync Apple Music to Android with Airplay

By Zoe Clarke

December 06, 2017

Airplay leads a newly trends of wireless streaming audio, video and photos together with related metadata between devices. Users who use iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad are relying on Airplay due to the convenience of transmitting music, pictures and so on. However, the functions of Airplay do not work when transfer content from Apple devices to Android devices. People like you may look for a method to sync media content such as Apple Music from PC to Android devices. Therefore, this article can offer assistance to sync Apple Music to Android with Airplay. Before conducting the syncing process, you need to make the preparation of dealing with protected iTunes songs which encrypted DRM technology.


Part 1. Convert Apple Music to MP3 for Playback on Android

Songs you purchased from iTunes Store are the M4P format which is not available to play on all devices. But MP3 songs are on the contrary circumstance. So, the solution is to convert M4P to MP3 via a removal tool.

TuneFab Apple Music Converter is the removal tool we are looking for. It enables you to remove DRM from Apple Music easily. It also supports batch conversion so that you can convert as many songs as you want to Airplay to Android. Read the following highlights of the powerful converter and you will know why it is your first choice.


*Convert M4P tracks to MP3/AAC/WAV formats;

*Fully compatible the latest version of iTunes;

*Support customizing output audio files;

*Fast conversion speed and High quality of converted songs.

Screenshot Select Output Format

Part 2. Using Double Twist AirSync to Sync Apple Music to Android

Now, the converted Apple Music is ready to sync to Android. In this stage, we need Double Twist AirSync to help us. Double Twist is a music player and podcast manager with music Airplay functionality - AirSync (require a payment of $5). AirSync is a plug-in that allows the app to help you stream Apple Music from PC to Android. It is easy to use with few steps.

Step 1. Purchase and Double Twist AirSync on Your PC and Android

You can download the app in the Google Play Store and install it following the instructions. Since AirSync uses WiFi, ensure that your Android device is connected to the same network as your PC.

Double Twist AirSyn App

Step 2. Launch the AirSync on Android

Upon the first launch, tap on "Start using doubleTwist!" instead of selecting "Send a download link...". To access the AirSync startup screen, tap on the doubleTwist icon on the upper right to slide out the menu. Then tap on "Settings".

Step 3. Expand the AirSync Section on Android

On the Settings screen, tap on "AirSync" > "Set up AirSync". A random 5-digit passcode will be shown. A device name that is derived from your account and device name will also be shown.

Set up AirSync

Step 4. Pair Android device to PC

Make sure AirSync are running normally on your PC. Then click on the notification to bring up the AirSync passcode entry screen. Or you can left-click on the doubleTwist icon to bring up a list of all available AirSync devices. Choose your Android device and click on "Configure" to start the pairing process, then input the passcode.

Pair Android device to PC

Step 5. Sync Converted Apple Music to Android

After inputting passcode, a Device Window will pop up, select Music button next to Device, all of the information of music will be shown, tap the songs that you want to sync to your Android and click on "Sync now". Once completed, songs from Apple Music are now available on your Android device.

Sync Apple Music to Android

This is the whole process of syncing Apple Music to Android with Airplay. Hope the solution is helpful for you.

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