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How to Play Apple Music in Web Browser

By Vicky Lewis

March 25, 2019

Earlier, Apple Music users can use Apple Music Marketing Tools (Apple Music Toolbox) to stream Apple Music in browser. However, you can only play few seconds of a song through the web player. There is no official statement indicating why Apple don't let users get complete access to a song via web browser.

But now there is good news. Apple Music has recently released a function of playing full song via Apple Music Toolbox. That means Apple Music subscribers can easily stream full Apple Music tracks through any web browser. This guide will show you all details about how to listen to Apple Music through a browser without iTunes.

What You'll Need to Stream Apple Music in Web Browser

#1. Apple Music Toolbox - An Unofficial Web Player for Apple Music

Apple Music Toolbox, or you can also call it Apple Music Marketing Tools, is an unofficial web player for Apple Music. You can get access to this web player easily by opening the page via any web browser.

Once you open the web player, you can do the following things:

1. Play full version of Apple Music songs.

2. Search songs, albums, playlists or artists through the complete Apple Music catalog by entering titles on the search box at the center of the page.

3. Add songs, albums, playlists or artists to your library.

4. Browse songs, albums, playlists, etc. by country.

5. Generate a universal link by going to Link Builder on the top right of the webpage.

#2. A computer that is running macOS, Windows or Linux

How to Listen to Apple Music in Web Browser

Now Apple Music subscribers can log in with their Apple Music account to play full songs, but considering that you don't know how to that, here comes an ultimate method.

Step 1: Click on this link to visit Apple Music Web Player.

Step 2: After that, select the country from the drop-down list under the search box, then enter the title of song, playlist and artist you want to listen to in the search box and press enter on your keyboard.

Step 3: On the webpage, you can find any contents contained the information you searched. The contents are listed in accordance with albums, artists, connect, music videos, playlists, songs, radios and curators.

Step 4: In order to find the song you want quickly, you can select the albums, artists, songs, etc. from the drop-down list under the search box.

Step 5: When you find music that you want, click on it to go to Apple Music interface. In order to listen to the full song, you need to click on "Sign in" option on the top right side of the webpage and enter you Apple ID and password.

Apple Music Toolbox

After that, you can play full songs from Apple Music web player without iTunes. If you want to add the playlist to your library from the browser, then click on "..." button.

This is how to play Apple Music in a web browser. The greatest part of using a web player is that you don't need to install iTunes on your computer. So, you can play Apple Music easily no matter which computer system that you are using, including macOS, Windows and even Linux. Just open the web player in a browser, you can start listening to the music you like.

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