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Want to Get DRM Free Version of Apple Music? Try This Trick!

By Vicky Lewis

February 28, 2019

Apple Music is announced in June 2015, but Apple Music quickly gains popularity due to its large music library, multifunction and practicability. However, like Spotify and some music streaming services, Apple Music is protected with DRM, which stops subscribers from streaming Apple Music on any unauthorized device and sharing music with others. But don't be upset, in this article, you will find an efficient Apple Music DRM Removal to get DRM free version of Apple Music easily.


Part 1. Brief Introduction for DRM

First of all, let's know more about DRM. DRM, short for digital rights management, is a set of access control technologies for restricting the use of copyrighted works such as proprietary hardware and multimedia content. That means DRM technology can control the use, modification and distribution of copyrighted works. Therefore, DRM is necessary for protecting intellectual property from being copied.

Part 2. Why You Need to Remove DRM from Apple Music

As mentioned above, Apple Music is protected with DRM, so that subscribers are not allowed to freely stream DRM-protected Apple Music on unauthorized devices. By removing DRM from Apple Music, you can:

#1. Stream Apple Music on any modern devices without restriction such as MP3 players, squeezebox, Archos devices, etc.

#2. Copy Apple Music songs to USB flash drive and share Apple Music songs with others.

#3. Enjoy Apple Music free forever even after canceling your subscription. Generally, once you cancel your Apple Music subscription, all music downloaded before will be unavailable anymore.

#4. Edit Apple Music songs as you like. For example, set songs from Apple Music as Android phone ringtone and add iTunes music to PowerPoint presentations.

In a word, it might be essential for Apple Music subscribers to remove DRM from Apple Music. If you don't know how to get DRM free version of Apple Music, then just follow the below step-by-step guide.

Part 3. How to Get DRM Free Version of Apple Music

Referring to removing DRM from Apple Music, a professional DRM removal tool is indispensable. TuneFab Apple Music Converter should be your best choice, as this powerful program is professional in getting DRM free version of Apple Music and converting DRM-protected M4P songs, albums, playlists to different common audio formats such as MP3, AC3, M4A and more. Moreover, it is also an innovative audiobook converter. Therefore, for those who want to get DRM free version of Apple Music, why not click on download button to download TuneFab Apple Music Converter on your computer?

Step 1. Select Apple Music Tracks

After downloading this program, install it by following the wizard. Then launch it, click on relevant category under the left-side "Playlist" menu. After that, you can find songs containing in the category are shown on the upper section of the interface. Just select the tracks that you want to remove DRM by ticking the box of each track one by one. It there are many songs in the upper section, then you can use the search function on the top to search the track that you want to remove DRM.

Select Apple Music Tracks

Step 2. Reset Output Parameters

The next step is to reset output parameters including output format, output folder, codec, bit rate, sample rate, channel and so on. Go to the "Output Settings" section under the upper section, then click on the inverted triangle button of "Output Format" option and choose one format from the drop-down list. 

There are 9 options for you to choose, including MP3, M4A, AAC, AC3, AIFF, AU, FLAC, M4R and MKA. Once you change the output format, other parameters will be reset accordingly. But you can still customize them by yourself.

In addition to that, you can also change the output folder by clicking on square box next to "Output Folder" option and selecting the folder as you like. If not, DRM-free Apple Music tracks will save in the default folder.

Reset the Output Parameters

Step 3. Get DRM-free Apple Music Songs

After adjusting output settings, you can get started on conversion. But before that, I suggest that you change the conversion speed as this program enables users to convert Apple Music to up to 16X conversion speed. To do that, click on "Options" button on the top left corner and then move the slide block to the right end on the pop-up window.

The last step is to click on "Convert" button next to "Options" button to let the program start the conversion. When the conversion is finished, you can find all DRM free version of Apple Music on the output folder.

Start the Conversion


Though it is understandable that Apple Music songs are protected with DRM, most Apple Music subscribers would like to get DRM free version of Apple Music. If so, then don't miss TuneFab Apple Music Converter as it is an efficient and powerful Apple Music converter. In order to know more about this program, you can download it on your computer.

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