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Flash Tips: How to Convert Apple Music to MP3

By Tony Moton

Updated on April 04, 2018

Apple Music users are always running into a problem that even though you have subscribed to Apple Music membership, it is impossible for you to listen to Apple Music songs without using the Apple Music apps. It is inconvenient for you when you want to burn a CD or backup your cherish Apple Music songs. What's wrong with your Apple Music? It is all because of the DRM protection.

Apple has locked all your downloaded Apple Music songs with Apple FairPlay DRM. You are not allowed to keep all the downloaded songs if the subscription is canceled and you are not able to play the DRM protected songs on other devices without Apple ID signed in. So lucky you are, here are the flash tips you for you how to convert your Apple Music to MP3 so as to break the DRM and listen to your Apple Music on other devices. Let's check it!


Part 1. Introduction of the Useful Tool for Removing DRM from Apple Music

The only solution for all above questions, as far as I know, is to convert Apple Music to MP3 with the specially designed program like TuneFab Apple Music Converter. It is able to remove DRM protection from protected Apple Music's AAC music files and allows you to convert AAC to DRM-free MP3. This TuneFab Apple Music Converter is available for both Windows & Mac. After converting Apple Music files to MP3, you are able to play them on any computers or devices such as iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune, MP3 player, etc.

Main Features of TuneFab Apple Music Converter

• Easily convert Apple Music format to MP3, M4A, AC3, AU, FLAC, etc.

• Remove DRM from Apple Music songs with easy steps

• Up to 16X faster conversion speed

• Available on both Windows and Mac

Part 2. Convert Apple Music to MP3 via TuneFab Apple Music Converter

Here is the detailed tutorial on how to remove DRM from Apple Music songs and convert the format into MP3 with TuneFab Apple Music Converter.

Step 1. Launch TuneFab Apple Music Converter

Click on the "Try It Free" button above to save the program on your computer. After that, install and launch the program immediately. Meanwhile, iTunes will be launched automatically with this program.

Launch Apple Music Converter

Step 2. Choose Apple Music Songs

Now you will see all iTunes playlists on the left panel. Click on "Library" and select the Apple Music tracks that you want to convert to MP3. You can select several items one by one or select the entire album by clicking on the checkbox on the top menu bar.

Select the Apple Music Songs

Step 3. Set MP3 as Output Format

After selecting the Apple Music songs you need, you can now choose the output format as you like. Go to "Output Settings" > "Output Format" and select MP3 from the drop-down list. You can change the output parameters like codec, bitrate, sample rate, channels, etc.

Specify Output Format

Step 4. Adjust Conversion Speed

This program allows you to adjust conversion speed from 1X to up to 16X faster. It will save more time. If you would like to change the conversion speed, then go to "Options" > "Convert" > "Set Custom conversion speed for audio convert (1-16)" to adjust the conversion speed.

Adjust Conversion Speed

Step 5. Convert Apple Music to MP3

Click on "Convert" button to start converting. After that, you will find the converted files by clicking on the "Explore Output File" button.

Convert Apple Music to MP3

With this TuneFab Apple Music Converter, you are able to unlock the DRM encryption of Apple Music with just 5 simple steps and keep the downloaded songs even after canceling the subscription of Apple Music Membership or after the expired date. Now start to convert Apple Music to MP3 and enjoy!

Unclear about the steps on converting Apple Music to MP3? Watch the following provided below to master the whole operation.

Part 3. Over to you: Know More about Apple Music

# 1. What are the New iOS Version do with your Apple Music?

As one of the leading music services in a crowded music streaming field, like Spotify, Apple bends itself to bring the multifunctional services to its users, including the humanized music services. Thus, some changes are taken place on Apple Music when the new version iOS 11 launched, which makes Apple Music more user-friendly and sociable.

One of the most important and attractive changes are the social features. Apple Music subscribers are able to follow friends and interact with each other. They can also amend the profile of on theirs' information page.

Apple Music on iOS 11

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# 2. Now that I can convert my Apple Music, is it possible to convert my iTunes Music to MP3?

It depends on what types of your iTunes Music are. If your iTunes Music is M4A, the unprotected M4P file format, you can download the iTunes Music and then just use some kinds of online converters, then you can easy to get it converted to MP3. But if the music is M4P files formats, there is still the way to go. Check the following below, you will fix the iTunes Music unconverted problem.

Solution: Convert iTunes Music to MP3 Format Using These 2 Ways

# 3. What different in between Apple Music and iTunes Match?

There are similarities and difference in between Apple Music and iTunes Match. They both work with your iCloud Music Library but they are the different music service provided by Apple Inc., Thus, to choose Apple Music or not, it is always the problem among the Apple Music users or iTunes Match users. Take your time with the following detailed tips on Apple Music and iTunes Match, now!

Tips: iTunes Match VS Apple Music: Which Is Better?

Hope you will enjoy your unblocked Apple Music with all above flash tips! If you have any problem with using your Apple Music or whatever, please let us know by writing a comment or contact with our Support team!

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