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How to Easily Watch iTunes Movies on Samsung Smart TV

By Zoe Clarke

December 01, 2017

Samsung Smart TV has brought us a brand new experience of watching online TV show ever since it has been released. It lets you watch TV the way you want. You can switch between live TV and apps with one click and even watch multiple shows at once. The newly designed smart control, a simple hand gesture or even your voice, controlling and navigating your Smart TV is more intuitive than ever. Therefore, with Samsung Smart TV, you are capable of watching videos including iTunes movies freely.

However, the important factor that limits us to play iTunes movies on Samsung Smart TV is DRM protection. Purchased iTunes movie is the M4V format which is encrypted with DRM for preventing illegal copy and thus it troubles users who want to play those movies on multiple devices. So, in order to watch iTunes movies on Samsung Smart TV, it's necessary to find a way to unlock iTunes M4V movies and convert them to DRM-free MP4 videos.


Part 1. Unlock iTunes M4V Movies for Flexible Playback

The key to unlocking iTunes M4V movies is TuneFab M4V Converter. It is an awesome DRM removal tool that removes DRM from iTunes movies with ease and output MP4 files in high quality. After we get iTunes MP4 movies, we can watch them on Samsung Smart TV without limitation. Next is the process to unlock iTunes movies, read carefully to know how it works.

Step 1. Download and Install M4V Converter

This software has Windows version and Mac version, download the proper one according to your actual situation. Hereafter we will take Windows PC as an example, please follow the instruction to install TuneFab M4V Converter on your computer.

Step 2. Launch M4V Converter

Double-click the icon to launch the converter, and your iTunes will pop up automatically. To unlock iTunes movies smoothly, you’d better update iTunes to the latest one and download movies firstly.

Step 3. Add M4V Movies

Click on "Add Files", all your downloaded movies are shown in the Library, choose them one by one and then click "Add".

Select M4V Videos

Step 4. Change Output Folder

This step is optional. Usually, the output movies will be saved by default, but if you want to manage the files, you can change output folder by clicking on "Options".

M4V Converter Options

Step 5. Select Audio and Subtitle

Click on the settings button on the right side of movies’ name, and you are allowed to select audio tracks and subtitles which you want to preserve. If you skip this step, the program will save all audio tracks and subtitles by default.

Choose Audio Tracks and Subtitle

Step 6. Unlock iTunes Movies

Click "Convert" to start converting. Once it finished, iTunes movies are successfully unlocked.

Convert iTunes Movies

Part 2. How to Watch iTunes Movies on Samsung Smart TV

Method 1. Play Videos on Samsung Smart TV via A USB Flash Drive

Copy the converted DRM free iTunes videos to the USB flash drive from the computer, then plug in the USB drive to the USB interface of your Samsung TV. Choose local source media files on on the Samsung TV and locate the videos from the USB drive to start playing.

Method 2. Play Videos on Samsung Smart TV by Burning A DVD

You can burn the converted iTunes MP4 videos to a DVD by using DVD creator, then plug in the DVD disc to your Samsung TV to play. But you need to check before burning a DVD because increasingly new devices including some model of Samsung TVs don't support DVD disc anymore.

Method 3. Watch iTunes Movies on Samsung Smart TV via HDMI Connection on Mac iMacs don't have the HDMI connection, so you need carry out this method on the MacBook.

Step 1. Authorize your MacBook to play the iTunes movies.

Step 2. Connect MacBook to the Samsung Smart TV via HDMI connection.

Step 3. start playing iTunes DRM-ed Movies on MacBook so that you can watch them on Samsung Smart TV at the same time.

Now, with the help of TuneFab M4V Converter, you can save iTunes purchased or rented movies forever. Just choose one of the above-listed methods, you are free to watch converted iTunes movies on Samsung Smart TV. What's more, you can also watch iTunes videos on other Samsung's products like Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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